Recently, growing demand is on dimmers for LED lamps.The reason for this is quite obvious: they greatly enhance the functionalall the LED light sources 110V.


Searching the internet for information on the specifications of LED lamps, did not find the description of all characteristics, all given only basic.

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Technical progress is inexorably coming and I was often treated with the same questions about the harm of LED bulbs, and how truthful reviews about them, read on the Internet.

Тест 7 ламп на мигание света

Many point to the fact that for some reason the LED lamp flickers, flashes or flickers in the on and off state. This deficiency manifests itself due to an unstable power supply, ripple current that flows from the network 110V.

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Many car manufacturers are already moving to the use of LED lamps in vehicle lamps. Firm size bulbs for cars recommended by the manufacturer, are quite expensive.


Many wonder about the use of LED lamps not only in everyday life but also in your favorite car. Many have tried to install LEDs in interior and dimensions. But there is no limit to perfection, and now for sale began to appear