Technical Specifications SMD 5050

SMD LEDs 5050 are the first that combines a good luminous flux with small dimensions. Such excellent performance immediately found application in the first LED strip and avtolampy.

They became the progenitor of SMD 5630 and 5730, their performance was already decent 80 lumens per watt. Before their appearance was the leader of use SMD 3528. Pets lamp SMD 5050 began to give a good light output, the best way to use steel corn bulbs, which are easily placed on itself from 30 to 100 members. The largest corn could already shining like a lamp incandescent 100W.

Main characteristics

SMD 5050 SMD 5050
Parameter 5050
Nominal luminous flux, Lumen 15 — 18
Power 0.21 W
Operating temperature, degrees to 85
Rated current, mA 60
Supply voltage 3.3 volts
The length and width in mm 5 x 5
Viewing angle, degrees 125
Colour Rendering Index from 80 to 90 Ra

A distinctive feature of the generation of LEDs are:

  • low level of degradation in long-term operation, which in 5050 became the SMD be no more than 4% for 3000 hours of operation, and even less in SMD 5630
  • operating current up to 60 mA;
  • maximum operating temperature of the crystal can reach 110 degrees;
  • originally consisted of three individual crystals;
  • appeared tricolor RGB diodes, consisting of three crystals of different colors.

When buying inexpensive LEDs you can sell Chinese with poor performance. Their long-term rated operation is about 3 times less, that is, the light output and lower power in 3-fold compared to the original. This you will learn after a while, when they start to deteriorate quickly. There is no accurate way to detect such forgery.

Detailed specifications

SMD LED Dimensions 5050

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