Characteristics of SMD LEDs 3528, 5050, 5630, 5730

Consider the specifications of the LEDs from the consumer point of view, will not be considered unnecessary parameters that are not particularly affect not granted. Let us only on the important characteristics, because basically we are interested in how to apply pressure on him and that he would have shone brighter and longer.

Among the many types of diodes, the greatest popularity was received SMD 3528, SMD 5050 , SMD 5630, SMD 5730 . According to the Channel number you can see which LEDs are modern, the higher the numerical designation, the newer LED model.

The real power of the Chinese LEDs

90% of Chinese products, such as the bazaar Aliexpress, manufactured on low-power diodes, which are much weaker brand. Brand is the production of Samsung, LG, Philips and others. The Chinese are actively using it, indicating the parameters as if it installed Samsung. After the purchase is that the brightness and lower power is 3-4 times than the seller promised.

Chinese 5630, 5730
type №1
Chinese 5630, 5730
type №2
Chinese 5050
Power 0,09W 0,15W 0,1W
Brightness 7 lm 12 lm 8 lumens

It turns out that the Chinese 5630 (5730) on weaker corporate 0,15W, 5050 at 0,2W. Be careful when choosing a product.

Table of branded LEDs

Parameter 3528 5050 5630 5730-05 5730-1
Luminous flux 5 15 40 40 100
Power 0.06 W 0.2 W 0.5 W 0.5 W 1W
Temperature + 65 + 65 +80 +80 +80
The current ampere 0.02 0.06 0.15 0.15 0,300
The voltage V 3.3 3.3 3.3 3.4 3.4
Dimensions, mm 3,5 x 2,8 5 x 5 5,3 x 3 4,8 x 3 4,8 x 3

The table shows the average characteristics of white light LEDs with the most popular options. Lamps of warm white and cool-white light are typically less luminous flux. Just at the same brightness, LED white light gives a better coverage than others.

Basically characteristics depend on the manufacturer swing plus or minus 15%. The best course options provide eminent European, Japanese, Chinese brands. LED diodes unknown manufacturers certainly worse, but even they have no guarantees stated service life. The worst option, when you are at a low price offer LEDs labeled as a brand, but it is not known by whom they were made. Mainly forgery of the brand can be distinguished only by measuring all the parameters and comparing the statements.

Budget LEDs unknown manufacturer is usually very weak, instead of the will of all 0,5W 0,15W and 0,09W. So do the Chinese to pass off sleaze company. But they make three times the number of diodes. These diodes operate a maximum of 20,000 hours. Most often found on corn and LED strip SMD 5630 .

Compare the size and brightness

Размеры диодов

Compare diodes LED tape 5050, 3528 , 5630. To a large makeshift box make measurements of each diode illumination. It is clearly seen the difference in illumination and direction of the illumination angle.

Сравнение освещенности

Energy Efficiency Comparison of LED diodes


Luminous flux Lumen per watt:

  • SMD 3528 — 70 lm / W;
  • SMD 5050 — 80 lm / W;
  • SMD 5630 — 80 lm / W;
  • SMD 5730-05 — 80 lm / W;
  • SMD 5730-1 — 100 lm / W;

The development of LED technology is towards increasing the number of lumens per unit area. Compliance with the light on the power unit with the change of generations of ICE diodes does not change very much. If we compare the LED SMD 3528 and 5730-1, almost at the same area, the light output of the light emitting element increased by 22 times and 15 times the power consumption.

Сharacteristics of 5730 SMD LEDs

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