SMD LEDs 5630 and 5730, characteristics and difference

SMD LEDs SMD 5630 and 5730 have become very popular in the lamps for the house thanks to a good technical characteristics. They allow you to make cheap and small lamps, analogs of incandescent lamp 40W, 60W, 90W. But there are a lot of subtleties in the specifications, and find it is not very easy.

The real power of the Chinese LED

90% of Chinese products, such as the bazaar Aliexpress, manufactured on low-power LED, which are much weaker brand. Brand is the production of Samsung, LG, Philips and others.The Chinese are actively using it, indicating the parameters as if it installed Samsung. After the purchase is that the brightness and lower power is 3-4 times than the seller promised.

Chinese 5630, 5730
type №1
Chinese 5630, 5730
type №2
Chinese 5050
Power 0,09W 0,15W 0,1W
Brightness 7 lm 12 lm 8 lumens

It turns out that the Chinese 5630 (5730) on weaker corporate 0,15W 5050 at 0,2W. Be careful when choosing a product.

Features and difference 5630 and 5730

The following table shows the parameters and the difference for branded, full-fledged brand.

Parameter 5630 5730 5050
Light flow 40 55 18
Power 0.5 W 0.5 W 0.2 W
Temperature, degrees -40 To +80 -40 To +80 -40 To + 65
The current ampere 0.15 0.15 0.06
The voltage V 3.3 3.4 3.3
The length and width in mm 5,3 x 3 4,8 x 3 5 x 5

For clarity, added LED SMD 5050 of the previous generation in a table that presents the averaged characteristics of the popular modifications that are dependent on the manufacturer. In drawing up the specifications used by Edison manufacturers, NationStar.At European brands are better, the Chinese a little bit worse, by about 15-20%.The table is compiled on the color temperature of 6000K (Kelvin), neutral white light. There are other significant modification to the difference in the characteristics table.

The main difference between 5630 and 5730, it is a higher light output for the same power consumption. If you want to visually distinguish them, they have a difference in length of 0.5 mm, and is very much different from SMD 3528 .

Габариты диодов

In case of overheating the LED begins to lose brightness and burn.Avoid excessive heat, or in a short time he will become worthless, overage.

Compare corn lamps 5630 and 5730

The lamp on the SMD 5630, 42 pieces The lamp on the SMD 5630, 42 pieces

Initially, my hearty love with LEDs in a Chinese shop were purchased lamp SMD 5630 , which contained 42 light elements, and have been as similar to incandescent 60W. Bulbs that time were very good and vivid.Inside the power supply to the ballast capacitor has been installed, all simply as three rubles. Thanks to its simple design, they are easily repaired, literally 5 minutes.

Soon 5630 SMD LEDs have been improved, and appeared 5730. For the sake of the sport of interest in online store bought 5 pieces of corn on 60 SMD 5730, analogue of 90 watts. As a result, short tests revealed major differences.

LED corn SMD 5730, 60 pieces LED corn SMD 5730, 60 pieces

We calculate the real power

Since the bulbs were bought in China and at a minimum price of 160 rubles, it is natural to manufacturer unknown. Using low-quality LEDs, the Chinese underestimate their power to protect them from burnout and low life. When SMD 5630 nameplate capacity of 0.5 watts, in my case we get 0.15 watts per. This was confirmed by the Chinese themselves, when contact with them. This rule also applies to the Chinese LED strips 5630 and 5730, do not believe what you promised the seller in performance.

Remember a simple formula, do not believe what you promise the seller. Multiply the number of LEDs by 0.15W and you will find a real light bulb power.Valid only for 5630 and 5730.

High-tech LED light sticks out of the lamp High-tech LED light sticks out of the lamp

Testing conducted in the kitchen and hallway. Color temperature is the same, the white light of day. ED lamp 60 shines elements 5730 is 1.5 times brighter than the light-emitting diodes 42 to 5630. These are due to the fact that the number of LEDs and a half times greater.

If you have light «corn», then turn the power off beforehand chandeliers. This lamp has open contacts, even if the voltage on it is small, about 20-30 volts, but nothing pleasant you will not get. Take extreme caution.


SMD LEDs 5630 and 5730 have now become the most popular due to the optimal combination of power and luminous flux. On this basis, it produced a powerful LED bulbs for home and the LED strip. But always look at the brightness of the LED, I would have overpaid 30%, but would have won in the quality and service life of 100%.

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