Characteristics of LED CREE XM-L2 U2 and U3

CREE company is one of the market leaders in the production of LEDs. One of the most popular have become powerful diodes Xlamp series. On the basis of CREE XM-L2 produced lights for bicycles, compact powerful lights.

Clever Chinese sellers especially like to put on their products labeled CREE, the presence of such inscriptions repeatedly raises the level of sales. After all, most buyers will not be able to distinguish real from fake Cree even simply can not compare the light output, the light bright — that’s good. But if there were no signs of Cree, the more likely that you would have bought something else that will justify their confidence.

Basic parameters CREE XM-L2 U2 and U3

For those who are not particularly versed technical documentation, to draw up a table of main parameters. Just do not confuse the series of Cree XM-L and XM-L2, they differ in color. In XML it is green, XML2 are silver. Even you can slip very popular bin LED CREE the XM-T6 of L , it has a little bit worse characteristics, but visually you will not notice the difference.

Parameter U2 U3
Luminous flux Lumen 300-320 320-340
Power 2 W 2 W
Operating temperature, degrees -40 To +85 -40 To +85
Rated current, mA 700 700
The supply voltage at a current of 700 mA 2.85 volts 2.85 volts
The supply voltage at a current of 1500 mA 3.05 volts 3.05 volts
The supply voltage at a current of 3000 mA 3.3 Volt 3.3 Volt
The length and width in mm 5 x 5 5 x 5
Viewing angle, degrees 125 125
Colour Rendering Index from 70 to 90 Ra from 70 to 90 Ra

How to distinguish the original from the fake

Крии Xlamp

In the high-brightness light-emitting diodes are mainly collected expensive multifunctional lights, for example Ultrafire. Some lamps, such as on Aliexpress, Chinese people show a high brightness as if using alien technology. To establish the true brightness, it is necessary for him to know the brand of the LED luminous flux. In addition to the original lamps, Chinese lanterns sell a large number of counterfeit items on. Fake appearance may resemble the original, but there is no exact similarities. Accordingly, the quality is lower and the service life will be much less, because they can fail prematurely due to poor quality.

One of the easiest ways to determine what the Chinese cheating, is to see the specifications (datasheet) on the original and compare sizes. Usually, fake larger in size to provide the required light output. Compared with the original it has less number of lumens per watt. Having bought a flashlight, do not worry, you just received the goods, which corresponds to the amount spent.

Detailed specifications U2 and U3

Размеры светодиода Крии


Regardless of the generation, the LED provides a very good light output.If the seller requests a considerable surcharge for the second generation, it can safely got rid of his, he is trying to dissolve your money, since they have the same price, and the difference is only on paper.


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