Characteristics of CREE XM-L T6 LED

One of the leaders of the global LED market is the company CREE. Its LEDs many times more popular as compared to other products. Who is not good at foreign languages, nothing will be able to find it, but the structure of the official site quite confusing.

A Poland Internet stores information about the specifications practically does not occur, and that to find the characteristics of CREE LEDs have to try not weak. To find the specifications CREE XM-L T6, sometimes referred to simply as XML T6, had to be revised several rather large document with datasheet parameters.

Such situations are a variety of shops, including the Chinese. Referring to the eminent manufacturer, they promise a huge amount of lumens luminous flux and the same unreasonably lift up the price of these bulbs.

In the best case, you will sell the original Cree bulb at an inflated price.In the worst case, due to the influx of low-quality diode lamps from China, you would sell the lamp to poor quality of unknown origin at the price of the original CREE T6. To distinguish similar to the original, you have to look for technical specifications to find out all by yourself or consult an independent expert. In this online store will receive super-profits, as the price of a copy of the original may not be 5-10 times.

Specifications CREE XM-L T6

Внешний вид CREE XML T6

Parameter Cree XM-L T6
Nominal luminous flux Lumen 280
Power 2W
Operating temperature, degrees +150
Rated current, mA 700
The supply voltage at a current of 700 mA 2.9 volts
The length and width in mm 5 x 5
Viewing angle, degrees 125
Colour Rendering Index from 80 to 90 Ra

Cree options have always been the best characteristics: super-bright, long-lasting and expensive. Consider options T6 LED neutral white light, which has the average characteristics between warm and cold. It belongs to a series of chapel CREE Xlamp.

In rooms with white lamp cold light surfaces gives the effect of ultraviolet radiation. This effect I have obtained by installing a light bulb in a large hall at the site, why all delighted with such light, such as a disco.

Other modes are shown in the table only for reference, such as 1000, 1500, 2000 milliamperes. That is, they are calculated theoretically, but in practice they are not applied, and performance in these modes can not be guaranteed.

Also, in any case, pay attention to the lamp heat, higher power, the better it should be cooler. Otherwise it easily melts or burns.

Detailed specifications

Таблица характеристик led cree xml t6

График яркости от температуры


XML T6 turned out really good in the parameters. High output of 120 lumens per watt will not be worth the money spent. Simply buy a conventional lamp with a return of 100 lumens per watt, but the light bulb will be on 1 or 2 diode longer, but it will cost 5 times cheaper.

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