Characteristics of LEDs Cree XM-L and XML

LED series CREE XM-L, as many refer to their XML, became the most powerful super-bright led diodes. With its compact dimensions of 5 by 5 mm. their luminous flux neutral white light in the denomination of 260 lumens, and the maximum allowable up to 1040 lumens. With a maximum power consumption of 10 watts, but this gives a low overall efficiency, which is equal to 100 lumens per watt.

LEDs within a series have the same dimensions and are interchangeable. This will be necessary in the event that the current brightness of your torch you do not like or velofara shines bad. Chinese manufacturers have implemented led diodes Cree XML to the production of LED lamps. On this basis, it made led lights fog lights, driving a car for a passing light. Particularly popular was the LED CREE XM-L T6 on the basis of which produce a huge number of flashlights.

Trend 2015, the Chinese are trying to mislead you in evaluating the brightness of the light source lumens replacing unobtrusively on suites and at the same time they confirm the data device readings. This is especially true for those who are not fully versed lighting technology, but the writing on the English like Lm and Lux.

Table of differences Cree XM-L and XM-L2 (XML and XML2)

Отличия характеристик светодиодов CREE XML и XML2

Differences between the characteristics of LEDs CREE XML and XML2

External differences between XML and XML2 External differences between XML and XML2
  1. Different background color, green and metallic silver.
  2. XML crystal surface with 6 yellow stripes.
  3. The dimensions are the same, the difference in design.

Main characteristics

Parameter Cree XM-L, XML
Nominal luminous flux Lumen 164-300
The maximum luminous flux Lumen 1040
Power 2 W
Operating temperature, degrees -40 To +85
Rated current, mA 700
The supply voltage at a current of 700 mA 2.9 volts
The supply voltage at a current of 1500 mA 3.1 Volt
The supply voltage at a current of 3000 mA 3.35 volts
The length and width in mm 5 x 5
Viewing angle, degrees 125
Colour Rendering Index from 80 to 90 Ra

Nominal brightness of the main bins

Group Brightness Lumens Brightness Lumens
current 700 mA current 1000 mA
Cold white T5 260 360
T6 280 388
Neutral white U2 300 416
T4 240 332
Warm white T2 200 277
T3 220 305

Table brightness of beans

Таблица яркости всех бинов

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