Characteristics of LED Philips Z ES

LED Philips Z ES gained its popularity due to the use of LED lamps for Philips Ultinon Led beam headlamps and fog lamps. Due to its small size and large capacity, their spread in the form of a filament of a halogen. The cut-off lineis equal to or exceeds the limit of standard halogen.

Characteristics of LED Philips Z ES

Appearance, imitation filament Appearance, imitation filament

Initially, the led diodes were developed in 2013, but the parameters were worse than the modification in 2015. This should be considered when buying LED bulbs, the Chinese could buy the old model and provide for a new high-brightness and powerful. Further modifications ES LEDs, has a series of diodes and Z. They have other dimensions and parameters.

Parameter Value
Light flow 130-270 lumens.
Power 2W
Temperature range, degrees -40 To 135
Rated current, A 0.7 or 0.04 Ampere
The voltage V 3V or 48V
The length and width, mm 1,6 x 2
Table brightness Phillips Z ES Table brightness Phillips Z ES

The difference from the Z series Z ES

The difference between the models The difference between the models

Externally, the Z is difficult distinguishable from Z ES, if they are not there. In the photo with the finished product will be even more difficult. In the near future the Chinese have to introduce a new high-power LEDs in production. They have already designed LED automotive lamps with a flexible heat sink for the head light. Let’s wait for the dimensions, feet and turn signals to Phillips. I guess, this model will repeat the success Luxeon MZ.

But as always we must expect them to some trick:

  • chinese made up of diodes;
  • will replace powerful version of the weak;
  • will overstate the power to put light output.

Light flow

Brightness Phillips Z Brightness Phillips Z



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