Characteristics of LED Cree XB-D

Some popular high-brightness LEDs Cree XB-D received through the Chinese engineers who designed based on these LED lamps for cars. They are now firmly occupied the first place among light bulbs for fog lights for the daytime running lights (DRL). Prior to perfection so far LED lamp, because the Chinese did not solve the main problem, overheating CREE LEDs. As if they were not good, but they still overheats rapidly degrade and lose their brightness. Often, after a short period of time, they start to flash or rapidly lose brightness due to the intense heat.

Also in addition to the original high-power LEDs CREE XBD, Chinese manufacturers can put fake and led diodes, similar in size and design, but absolutely the worst characteristics. This is expressed in large amounts LED diodes, the total brightness which is higher than the nominal brightness specified by the manufacturer.

Main characteristics

The maximum luminous flux of up to 136 lumens per watt.

Parameter Cree XB-D, XBD
Nominal luminous flux, Lumen 100-122
The maximum luminous flux, Lumen 309
Power 1W
Operating temperature, degrees -40 To +85
Rated current, mA 350
The supply voltage at a current of 350 mA 2.9 volts
The length and width in mm 2,45 x 2,45
Viewing angle, degrees 115
Colour Rendering Index from 80 to 90 Ra

Examples of Chinese lamps

Example of Chinese lamps XBD Example of Chinese lamps XBD

Chinese also learned to invent proprietary high power diodes, so the Chinese stores, you often come across diode lamp for sizes 25W and even 50W. When instead of the rated power of 1 watt, a Chinese says that the power of 5 watts. He enjoys the fact that hardly anyone understands this and is trying to mislead you, and buy LED dimension obtained at random.

Detailed specifications CREE XB-D



If you appreciate the power diode bulbs or LED flashlight on it, you should first make sure that the original diode. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, ask a specialist or me.


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