Characteristics of LED CREE MT-G2

LEDs CREE MT-G2 boosted its popularity at the expense of Chinese engineers, who introduced it in the production of LED lamps near and far for cars. Superbright MT-G2 is one of the most powerful in its class.

Chinese manufacturers of LED lamps for cars heavily abused the use CREE brand, in other words, are deceiving. My site has an overview of popular diode lamps and dipped beam socket H4, as a result of our testing, we found that no Cree is not there, and appeared set to 15 mm in diameter, Although this diameter of 8.9 mm. Brightness was pointed down, and besides the Chinese manage to specify the brightness of a lamp, as the total of both. The buyer in the end very upset when purchased will miss half lumens

The main parameters of Cree MT-G2

If you do not like to deal in the specification, the table will find the main characteristics.Feature of CREE MTG2, this high power, the power voltage is made in three versions: 6V, 9V, 36V.

Maximum power up to 18.5 watts, the maximum brightness of 1987 lumens.

Parameter 6B 9B 36B
Power supply voltage, V 5.7 8.55 34.2
Rated current, mA 1100 735 185
Maximum current mA 3000 2000 500
Luminous flux Lumen 440-800 440-800 440-800
Rated power 6.3 W 6.3 W 6.3 W
Operating temperature, degrees -40 To +85 -40 To +85 -40 To +85
The length and width in mm 8,9 x 8,9 8,9 x 8,9 8,9 x 8,9
Viewing angle, degrees 115 115 115

Examples of lamps

Example of LED lamps for cars with fake CREE MT-G2 Example of LED lamps for cars with fake CREE MT-G2

To separate the good bulbs dipped beam from the bad, we look at the original specifications and compare with the parameters specified by the seller.If the specifications do not fit, feel free to look for other, not looking at an attractive price.

Detailed specifications

Cree MT-G2

Спектр излучения Крии

Яркость в зависимоcти от температуры MT-G2


Размеры MTG2

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