Select the profile for LED strip

The introduction of new lighting technologies allow you to conduct your own hands calculation and installation. I’ll tell you how to choose the right plastic and aluminum profile for LED strip. Many simply do not know that cooling is required. LED profile is quite expensive due to the cost of the aluminum material and the complexity of its processing. If you want to save money when buying a 5-10 times, then you will learn how you can use an inexpensive alternative of suitable materials.

The main types

The main characteristic is its ability to dissipate heat, and is expressed in Watts per 1 meter. Characteristic depends on the size and its surface area is usually from 10 to 150 W / m. Shopping of course it is rarely indicated, but you can ask the seller. Powerful manufactured LED SMD 5630 and SMD 5730, the power is from 15W to 30W. On a box for LED strip can be glued in several layers, so when choosing, keep in mind that the power to the meter must be greater than that of light-emitting diodes.

It is made from aluminum and plastic. At the installation site is divided into categories:

  1. angular;
  2. recessed, mortise;
  3. overhead;

1. Corner

Angular Angular

Usually aluminum corner profile for LED strip is equipped with a removable diffuser. The brightness of the LEDs is high and so requires the lens to protect your eyes. I spent measuring the amount of a light flux is lost on it, usually loses 25%, but the results and 40%. These figures should be considered when designing the lighting.

2. Built-in

Embeddable Embeddable

Most often used for embedded designs, allows you to connect chipboard and drywall, and at the junction to set the tape. It may protrude above the surface or be flush.

Mortise different from other kinds of presence of edges, the rough places closing in place of the groove. It allows you to illuminate the kitchen work surface, so that when this LED is not stuck in the lockers. The chipboard undercut shape mortise element that completely hides it. The result is that the hinged cabinet itself is lit from below.

3. Surface

Surface Surface

Surface-mounted on any surface can be glued or attached to the screws. Flexible plastic has a certain flexibility, which allows mounting on a curved surface, such as a circle or an arch.

Particularly in demand in Moscow enjoys profile for LED strip Leroy Merlin Korean production.

Iron your own hands

Building for drywall and ceilings Building for drywall and ceilings

Often, when you do the lighting in a desert area, such as room, sauna, garage, then you do not need high-quality installation. Not always need a high-quality appearance, though outwardly appear to be worse than 30%, but will 10 times cheaper. In this case, an affordable alternative to aluminum profile for led ribbon can serve as serve as building, made of iron or aluminum. Just choose smooth without perforation or corrugated. Iron can be of different sizes and thickness of the metal, also galvanized and does not rust. With the price of aluminum LED profile for high power 400 p. 1 m., the building is 15-20 p. It turns 20 times cheaper.

The quality of the thermal conductivity of iron certainly worse, but when you install the diode strips the average power will be enough. It does not look like anodized aluminum, but still no one is looking at him. A week later, and you will not be paying attention to it.

Plastic box

Neutral white Neutral white

An alternative profile of plastic is a plastic cable channel, which is used for wiring. Cable channel, as the box is tightly closed with a lid. Dimensions duct may have a width of 10 to 100 mm., Depth of 5 to 50 mm. The design is used and the lid, the plastic strip is used for mounting on uneven surfaces, such as wood or brick. Glued to the flexible strip, which is then attached convenient way for liquid poliurentan or nails. It is well bent, can be installed on uneven and curved planes. From the large cable channel, I was producing high-grade luminaires for a summer kitchen and a veranda.

Plastic finished wood Plastic finished wood

Modern cable channels have a high-quality finish of wood and can be of different colors. Accessories allow harmoniously combine them from different angles and in different shapes. If you are using on the street, in the winter can be closed airtight lid and put the plug to protect the LEDs from ice and snow.

Plastic during operation of the LEDs can be heated and deformed. The situation will correct channel of high-quality plastic, it’s a little more expensive.

Cornice with RGB backlight Cornice with RGB backlight

Mounting own hands

A colleague in the video shows how to install the LED strip in profile, like solder wire and install the plug. Everything is accessible and understandable.

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