Power supply for LED strip with your hands

Modern electronics often equipped with external power supply 5V, 12V, 19V. Once the device is out of order, they are often lying in a closet or locker.

  • 5V — this voltage battery chargers for mobile phones and USB;
  • 12V — used in computers, some plates, TV, network routers.
  • 19V — laptops, monitors, monoblocks.

We will consider how to adapt any power supply for LED strip 12V. There are only simple and low cost options available to everyone. 5V chargers are not suitable. But I do these chargers lamp, is attached to the body of 3 or 6 diodes. Night Light is not bright, just right.

Power supply at 12V

Power supply from the router 12V, 1A Power supply from the router 12V, 1A

Power supply 12V electronics usually from 6 to 36 watts. 10 Watts enough to illuminate the working surface of the LED strip in the kitchen. These blocks are divided into two main types:

  1. old on transformers differ more weight;
  2. modern pulse, also known as electronic transformer, characterized by low weight and high power at small dimensions.

Use on transformers do not recommend. When installing the LED strip I first connected the transformer power supply from the router, the power of which was 2 times more power strip. Sam became much rectifier bask. Put a diode rectifier bridge on homemade radiator for cooling, it is still strongly heated for a long time he did not survive. There was no time to understand the intricacies, so I asked a specialist. He somehow found the reason, the LEDs have a special current-voltage characteristic (abbreviated CVC), which leads to strong heating. He gave me from the TV to 12V and 2 Ampere, that is, power is 24W.Now everything works and is not heated without problems.

PSU to 19V

power supply from the laptop 19В, 90W power supply from the laptop 19В, 90W

Voltage in the 19V is widely used in desktop computer technology, most commonly in laptops, monoblocks, monitors, scanners. This category may include PSU from printers, they are powerful, sometimes 16V, 20V, 24V, 32V.

I have long been a great block lying on the 90W and 19V power from the laptop Asus. Such a power would be enough to power the LED strip at 6000 lumens, and this is enough to make 20 squares diode lighting of the room. But PSU is not 12 volts, and need revision.Inside the case, we do not climb, solder circuit under 12 volts is difficult, long and need to be an electronics. Make easier to connect small ponizhatel with stabilizer. There are two types.

Type №1

Stabilizer on 7812 Stabilizer on 7812

The stabilizer on the chip type ROLL 7812 (lm317), almost looks like a transistor, when installed on the cooling radiator can withstand current 1 Ampere. This option is outdated and cumbersome. To use the entire capacity of the PSU from laptop need 5-6 such (or 1 large) and a large aluminum heatsink for cooling.

Type №2

Pulsed on specialized chips Pulsed on specialized chips

Modern pulsed stabilizer miniature, not heated, simple. So I recommend to order a couple of items on Aliexpress.

I recommend using a pulsed, it has a higher efficiency of 80-90%, it is easier and cheaper. Just do not buy a power source on LM2596, you need a voltage source. To find a Chinese intern store use requests:

  • LM2596 power supply;
  • 12v switching regulator;
  • voltage regulator 12v 7a;

Characteristics of pulsed stabilizers

Specialist video instructions tell basic technical characteristics of advanced pulsed stabilizers circuitry and recommendations for their proper use.

Simple circuits with their own hands

Examples of ready-pulse modules 36W Examples of ready-pulse modules 36W

If the above do not work for PSU, the power supply for 12V LED strip can be soldered on the circuit with their own hands. For home-made take a long time and a lot of parts, I will not be considered complete circuit 110V to connect to the network.with modern electronics development easier to buy them from the Chinese. There are schemes to build with his hands still on the TL594 and other new elements. But I like as described below, easily repeated for 10 minutes.

Consider the best and most modern in the LM2596. You will need to install a total of 4 radioelement. Analogs that are similar in functionality, it ST1S10, L5973D, ST1S14.

There are several modifications of the chip:

  • fixed 12 V, LM2596-12, indicated at the end of marking;
  • Adjustable version LM2596ADJ;


Parameter Value
The input voltage is not more 40V
Volt outlet 3-37V
output current 3A
Tripping current protection 3A
frequency conversion 150 kHz

Video how to modify their own hands

Colleague like to tell you how to connect and configure the stabilizer to the power supply from the laptop to 19V.

Ready-made modules from China

Option to control the output from 3 to 37V Option to control the output from 3 to 37V

In the first scheme will use LM2596ADJ controlled voltage per output.Releases it may in different cases, but the most optimal as in the picture. The advantage of this design is the ability to adjust the brightness of the led strip without dimmer.

Scheme 12V fixed Scheme 12V fixed

Stabilizer on a chip LM2596-12, not a variable resistor for adjusting the output exactly 12B.Driving is easier on one Circuits.

Voltage and driver in one module

Universal block with 3 knobs Universal block with 3 knobs

Universal version, is governed by current and voltage. You can not only power the diode strip, and LEDs. That is, it can act as a driver and an electronic transformer.

The video will show you how to use and customize their own version of the universal module with the driver, an adjustable current.

Where to buy cheap?

It happens that your home did not have a suitable power supply from household appliances, but certainly there are others, too, was lying idle. First, ask your friends or neighbors, for sure what that is. For a couple of hundred or liquid currency you can take off the contract.

Large assortment you will find on Avito and local forums. Many get rid of unnecessary stuff and sell PSU for a symbolic price, because it is a pity to throw away, and the real value is not known. Thus, I often buy good equipment, the more bargaining has not been canceled. Recently I was able to buy a candy bar from the brand ACER to 190W for 400 rubles. It is tight and high quality, as the computer electronics requires a very stable and high-quality food, in contrast to the LED strip.

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