LED Strip Light 5050 and 3528, characteristics

A couple of years ago I was doing repairs in the new apartment, purchased in the new building. In view of the limited budget we had to make repairs easy. Now, I settled down and it is possible to make a false ceiling and new lighting. In comparison, will participate LED strip 5050 and 3528, and then calculate and choose a suitable for the room.

Main characteristics

Two-row 5050 24V Two-row 5050 24V

I will list the main technical characteristics, which should pay attention:

  1. supply voltage;
  2. type mounted LEDs;
  3. LED quantity 1m .;
  4. the degree of protection from water;
  5. single-colored or multi-colored.

Be careful in the shops, they are not compatible with each other, if you buy at the wrong voltage or the wrong type, you’ll have to do the exchange.

Immediately call your attention that there are several types for different supply voltages:

  • 12B, the most common version;
  • 24B is used less frequently by professional installers;
  • 220, cut a multiple of one meter, is powered directly from the mains 220 volt power supply is not needed, only a cheap straightener is required.

I will consider the classic version 12V volts, the voltage written at about the incision site every 3 led element.

Technical characteristics

The density of LEDs 3528 The density of LEDs 3528

The most popular model in the mid-2015 performed on SMD 5050 and SMD 3528, this is indicated in the marking. It indicates the number of still led diodes 1m., Usually it is 30, 60, 72 and 120 units. If you write that set of 300 pieces, the seller has a view of the length of 5 meters, divide by 5, and get accustomed to 60 pcs.

The density of the SMD 5050 The density of the SMD 5050

Also standard with LEDs in a row, it comes with a 2-position number, the amount of such usually 120 pieces. Accordingly, power is increased to two times, but it does not require an aluminum profile for the LED strip , because the base area is doubled. This keeps the level of heat dissipation in the normal range for a single aluminum profile is required for power greater than 10 W / m. For dual cooling is required, if the energy consumption will be higher than 20 W / m.
LED Strip 3528 is different from the size of the 5050 light elements, the brightness of 15 lumens first, second, 5 lm.

Compare sizes 3528, 5050, 5730, 2835 Compare sizes

To make it easier to navigate around the variety, was the table.

Table of power 1 m., 12 V

per meter
2835 3528 5050 3528×2
15 1,2 3
30 6 2,4 6 2,4 6
60 12 4,8 12 4,8 12
72 14,4 5,8 14,4
120 9,6 24 9,6 24
240 19,2

Table Lumen brightness to 1 m.

per meter
2835 3528 5050 3528×2
15 60 200
30 600 120 400 120 400
60 1200 240 800 240 800
72 1440 290 940
120 480 1600 480 1600
240 960

The degree of protection against water

Appearance in a sealed PVC sheathed Appearance in a sealed PVC sheathed

Before buying an account conditions in which the operation will take place. For saunas, baths and bathroom need protection from water, it is referred to as IP65, IP67, IP68. Otherwise, start the processes of oxidation and corrosion of conductors, this will facilitate and temperature. Also suitable for outdoor installation, the silicone coating is durable and does not crack in the cold.

The appropriate degree of protection against moisture and dust should be selected on power supplies and controllers. Typically, encapsulated power supply at a price significantly different from the usual IP20. Due to the tightness of the housing is subject to special requirements for protection against overheating, improved circuit design and internal cooling. As a way out, to put the power side in a dry place and keep the wiring in the wet.

Lack sealed in that the protective layer prevents it to cool, it is necessary in some consider and solve using a profile of aluminum.

LED RGB and color strip

Samples of RGB colors Samples of RGB colors

If you want to make an interesting lighting or lighting in the room, you can use color or three-color RGB. The main differences between these two types.

LED Strip Light RGB 5050 led, each LED can shine in three colors, red, green, blue. Using a combination of these colors, you can get any color. Control takes place through a special RGB controller even go through the Android app to your smartphone. It gives light less because each color consumes only one-third of the total power. It will take much longer, it is not suitable for general lighting. But it is possible to use in parallel with the main strip of light.

RGB LEDs, double width RGB LEDs, double width

Coloured consists of only one light color the same as that of the three-color. Green, red, blue. It does not require the control unit to adjust the dimmer simple enough. But RSL controller can be connected to these 3 different colors. As a result, we get a complete analog RGB of the individual elements, but the power will be much higher, because the powerful high-brightness SMD LEDs 5630 and 5730 may be used.

Professional models

Hybrid models Hybrid models

A compromise option would be a hybrid diode strip that equally combine white and other colors. In one strip alternately combined RGB SMD 5050, and plain white. The role of the main lighting perform powerful white LEDs, and the ceiling lighting elements perform RSL. Usually a small brightness color light enough to give the right of registration of premises. For example, no one does so that the green light was more than White.

Option with pixel-addressable Option with pixel-addressable

There are other more complex and rare models are not for home use, list of features:

  • White-MIX, if you are interested in Ceiling lights from warm and cool white light, this parameter can be adjusted continuously;
  • running fire — the new tri-color, which can be controlled by each element separately to give different effects, if pokleit wall several rows, you can do like the color screen with pixels. Widely used in places of entertainment and complex design;
  • Pixel Light DMX — the same color with the ability to control each LED individually, extensive application, but at home, you certainly will not be such a place. It can be controlled not only the DMX controller and a computer.
End tape for easy installation End strip for easy installation

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