LED strip 220V, connection and difference

Many planning a lighting and either do not realize that there is a LED strip 220V. It does not require power supply 12V, only miniature straighteners, through which plugs directly into a power outlet. The obvious advantage is the ease of use and connectivity, almost equivalent LED lamp. In addition, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Types diode strips 220V

Popular models SMD 5050 and SMD3528 Popular models SMD 5050 and SMD3528

The species feeds on 220 consists of several species, and is the LED 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014 and powerful SMD 5630. The most common LED strip 5050 and 3528 , which are easy to buy in Russia, but the others will have to be ordered from the Chinese, but buy from them not advise deceived. Outwardly, almost indistinguishable from the ordinary, but it has markings indicating at what voltage it is designed. A special feature is that it is usually cut only by a multiple of 1 meter or a multiple of 50 cm., That is not work to cut 30 cm or 80 cm.

Main settings:

  1. the multiplicity of cuts 50, 100, 200 cm;
  2. power Watts per meter;
  3. the degree of protection against moisture;
  4. colorful temperature.

As a standard, it is available in different versions for the degree of protection from moisture. The protection can be IP67, IP68 in the form of a silicone tube, such leaks will allow them to operate in wet areas such as saunas and on the streets. In the opinion of my colleagues who work with dignity under severe conditions of high and low temperatures. The base can be flexible and rigid, due to the rigid base meter piece turns into a line of light-emitting diode or module. From these lines, you can assemble a lamp. According to the type of installation can be self-adhesive on acrylic adhesive tape and can not have an adhesive base.
Design and principle of operation

Design and principle of operation

Dual Feed 2 times wider Dual Feed 2 times wider

Consider how they are powered by a high voltage:

  1. using conventional LEDs with a voltage of 3.3V — 3.5V;
  2. they require polar power which creates a diode bridge, otherwise they will flash at a frequency of 50 Hz;
  3. Multiples can only cut 50 and 100 cm., so that the LEDs are connected in series in a circuit 60 turns per meter LEDs.
  4. Why 60? share on 220V 3,3V pcs., we get about 60 connecting such number series, we do not need a power supply to 12V.

To improve the reliability of LED strip 220V is used to connect the diodes in pairs, in the event of failure of one of the diodes, the current will pass through the remaining, but the increased burden will fall on him.

Powerful on SMD 5630 when consumed in excess of 10 watts per meter would require a radiator or aluminum profile for cooling. But the increased power can be obtained on weaker LEDs. To glue the two pieces side by side, producing a double, with a width increased twice. In addition, a wide base of better heat dissipation during heating.

Color RGB, resistor  per LED or two. Color RGB, resistor per LED or two.

The colors of the light flux are the same as a normal:. White, red, green, blue and tri-color RGB LED strip RGB to 220V require special brightness controllers of each color is calculated the same 220 ​​volts, find them difficult, because they are almost all produced at 12 volt. Therefore, I advise to buy ready-made kits.

Controller for RGB at 220 volts Controller for RGB at 220 volts

How to connect LED Strip to 220V

Connecting the strip 220 Volt Connecting the strip 220 Volt

Wiring is very simple, only need to connect a pair of wires with the correct polarity. In the case of colored strip, connect according to the color marking RGB controller wire.

Connection steps:

  1. cut the required length of a multiple of the length specified by the manufacturer, usually 50 or 100 cm .;
  2. if you are using a sealed, at the end of the cut and apply the sealant dress silicone connector, in the form of a ring;
  3. We insert the connector and fasten it to the sealant;
  4. correct polarity connect a wire from the rectifier;
  5. check the whole strip for leaks, do not let water get inside.
Connection and sealing Connection and sealing

Rectifier through which it is connected, it is composed of a diode bridge and also has its own power. It can have a capacity of 700 watts., It is enough for the usual 100 meters of LED strip, or 40 meters strong. That’s enough to light a very large room. The cost of this rectifier is very low, it is very easy to make your own hands by buying a 4 diode or the final assembly in-store radio components.

Rectifier with plug for connection to the network Rectifier with plug for connection to the network

The advantage over conventional strip will no thickness requirements power wires. In contrast to low voltage, which requires very thick cables, at such high requirements are not, they can be connected by any thin wires. Wire cross-section 0.75 square millimeters easily pull 1500W power.

Filling rectifier Filling rectifier

Since the rectifier is a diode bridge and there are no capacitors, which will smooth the ripple voltage on the network, the entire strip flickers at a frequency of 100 Hertz. According to SanPiN such pulsations are not allowed in residential areas, especially where the reading or working. For this reason it is not recommended to be used in apartments. But the ripple can be reduced if installed in the rectifier a high voltage capacitor to 400V, the more powerful the more the capacitor required. Closely the issue was not engaged, but the ordinary LED lamps 6 watts required 40 microfarads to cause a surge in the rate, but do not get rid of them completely. To use it, use the same capacity for each 6 watts.

The main differences

Connector for connection Connector for connection

To summarize, we distinguish the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • They do not require expensive power supply, if you want to connect 1-3 meters, then plunged into a nearby outlet and running.
  • Connect thin wires as well as the strength of the current is low.
  • The length of a single piece can be up to 100 m., Or 70 watts.


  • High voltage requires special care during installation and operation.
  • Can quickly break down if you buy cheap Chinese.
  • Repair of hermetic will be very difficult.
  • Trim only the length of a multiple of 100 or 50 centimeters.
  • LED flashes with a frequency 100 Нerts, the eye is not visible but the impact on human consciousness, tiring and can appear headaches.

These shortcomings limit the scope of application, it can be installed as a secondary lighting LED kitchen lighting , lighting pantry, garage, corridor or garlands. In the commercial sphere can be illuminated buildings, advertising signs. Under the new year the builders decorate a tower crane and boom height.

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