How to connect the LED strips in the car

Accessibility and ease of modern lighting allows you to install it on the car.In addition to the internal tuning and soffit replacement of conventional lamps to LEDs, the car uses LED strip to improve the lighting in places where the light never was.

How to connect LED strips to the cigarette lighter


Onboard electric car network officially designed for 12 volts. But the real power can reach 14,5V and up.LED strip is designed for exactly 12V, and the 14.5 Volt will have a negative impact on the operation of the LEDs.

Direct connection to the cigarette lighter recommend only in one case, if you include a little on the understated power. To underestimate, it is necessary to use a power resistor, which is calculated based on the energy consumption of the diode strip. Simply put, the nominal diode mode must be at elevated voltages. The calculation, 14,5V — 12V = 2.5V resistor should reduce power to 2.5 volts, connect a suitable resistance and measure it fall Volt.

The best and more complex option is to connect the LED strips in the machine through the stabilizer. It’s easy to make your own scheme, can be powered all additional diode sources through it.

Just do not confuse the driver and power supply, current source driver unit. Source voltage LED strip for car connects it to the unit.Therefore, to take power from the chip LED lamps for cars do not recommend.

Energise is possible not only from the cigarette lighter, if it is already occupied, but from lighting anywhere car interior.

Video how to connect the LED strips in the car

Video about the installation and connection of a three-color RGB lighting in the car door on the Kia Ceed

Scheme of a simple stabilizer

Scheme is done on-chip type ROLL 7812 is actually outdated. The only drawback — hot. Now gaining popularity modern impulse, they do not require a heatsink and powerful. For the best stabilization connect capacitors 100 uF on the input and output. Observe safety, it is very desirable to use when connecting the fuse in the vehicle.

Simple diode driver

The current strength is calculated according to the formula given and resistor.

Ready stabilizer

Not everyone can or want to solder yourself, so you can buy it for cars.


  • input power up to 30V;
  • current 1-5 Amp, radiator 20 square centimetersper ampere;
  • current of 1 amp — you can connect the 2 meter normal strip SMD5050 60 led;
  • permissible parallel connection to increase the power output;
  • can be used for the daytime running lights (DRL), will work much longer.

Modern pulse

The large assortment sold by the Chinese on Aliexpress and costs $ 1-2. This option is best suited for the machine, and once a 10 miniature.

We are looking for on-demand «LM2596 power supply DC».They are mostly made on the chip LM2596, probably better than a purely thereon.

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