Flexible LED strips for cars lights

Diode lighting widely used in our homes, and quite a big success, it displaces the halogen bulb out of the car. Today, a closer look at how to set a flexible LED strip lights for cars in or out. It radically changes the look of the car, modern and beautiful light.

The LEDs are completed basically just expensive equipment machines or prestigious models. To add a bit of personality, you can install not only the front, but in the rear lights, such as the size, turn signals, brake lights.

Requirements to light

An example of the Ford Focus An example of the Ford Focus

To Head Light looked holistic and shine in discord, then pay close attention to the color temperature. If you are halogen bulbs with a color temperature of 3200K, and you insert the white cold light with a 6000K temperature, it will look alien and once it is clear that the collective farms with their own hands. So consider the majority of those involved in car tuning. After all, the manufacturer will not be designed light with different temperatures.

I do not recommend to use a diode inside the strip without waterproof protection standard IP67, IP68. Often lights sweat condensate accumulates on the glass, despite the fact that the rear side a cover for sealing.

Types of flexible strip

Highlighting the entire front of the car Highlighting the entire front of the car

The main colors are red, blue, green, light-emitting diodes are produced for cars and even yellow. Flexible produced in several variants, list the main.

1. The sealed as usual, can be of different colors 1. The sealed as usual, can be of different colors

1. A sealed 30 cm. 15 SMD LEDs 5050, only the lower side is glued, as usual.

2. Thick Silicone 2. Thick Silicone

2. Each LED is located in the round silicone cylinder with a lens on the end side is glued.

The tube as a one-color neon lights The tube as a one-color neon lights

3. LED strip for cars placed in PVC tube of length 30 or 60 cm., Light bar turns without breaks, can not see the individual LEDs. The color is white or yellow. Mounted on either side.

4. Bi-color led tube, marker and turn signal in one 4. Bi-color led tube, marker and turn signal in one

4. Combined option PVC tube, shining white and yellow. Used as both a marker and turn signal.

Front Car Flexible LED strip can not be used as daytime running lights (DRL), LED without reflector or lens shines at an angle of 120 degrees. So she served as DRL function, it must have a 30-degree angle of illumination, only then it will provide a good machine visibility in sunny weather from a distance of 200-300 meters.

Installing lights

Installing LED strip lights is not easy, but you will be completely satisfied with the result. Insert in the rear light is not any difficulties, they are fairly easy to remove and disassemble. Head Light require disassembly sealed light. Usually hairdryer heat the sealant around the glass, then the glass will get off from the main body. If you do not believe in their strength, refer to specialists. I myself it never had to deal with.

Replacing standard on LED lighting Replacing standard on LED lighting

Installation on the lights

Appearance with external mounting Appearance with external mounting

Installing the outside has its advantages:

  1. easily glued in 5 minutes;
  2. in case of failure can be easily changed;
  3. If this will bother tuning, it can be removed within 5 minutes.

Among the shortcomings I can list that they are particularly discriminating ugly stick on the outside and they can become cold snow and ice, which will flow from the lights.

Colleague specialist will detail the process of installing lighting on the outside lights.

How to connect the strip

Cable for power supply via base W5W Cable for power supply via base W5W

There are several options to connect flexible LED strip with your hands to the automotive electrician:

  1. connection via a separate switch or control unit;
  2. connected in parallel to the regular incandescent bulb;
  3. connection without standard lamps.

1. Individual or relay unit.

Controller with a remote control. Price 7$ from the Chinese Controller with a remote control. Price 7$ from the Chinese

Option to connect through the control unit as simple as the others. It provides independence from auto electronics, for connecting directly to the battery. According to function, it may look like a block of daytime running lights, start the engine determines whether or not determines whether the included parking lights or turn signals. It is programmed according to the needs in the operating modes, can be equipped with a remote control. Surely you’ve seen the car with strobe lights and multi-color RGB lamps that are mounted in the radiator grille and the flashing red and blue, like the American police.

Simple control unit, the price is 6$ Simple control unit, the price is 6$

Use the questions «Car Led controller» To find such controllers on Aliexpress.

  1. Connect parallel.
    Is connected together with the lamp mounted, it wires soldered to the cartridge, and they will light up simultaneously, which improves the brightness. The light unit is disassembled and made interior installation, so that it is not shining into the lamp or lamps, and outside.
  2. Set without bulbs.
    Staff completely remove the light source, the light will only feed. In order not to solder the wires to the cartridge, it is best to use a special connector, which can be bought from the Chinese. The connector consists of a base, to which are soldered the wires, it is enough to insert in place of the lamp to get the required voltage. The empty cartridge is ugly stick, for auto-tuning is an important factor.

Sticking illumination inside lights, video

With household hair dryer at home disassemble lamp, try on and cut into segments led strip. Merge back and get a great result. Repeat this process can be anyone who knows how to handle a hair dryer.

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