Connecting LED strip to the 110V

Как подключить светодиодную ленту своими руками по схеме

Before I tell you how to connect LED strips to 110 volts, divide them into 3 types, with different voltage work.

  • 12V, the most popular option;
  • 24V, connecting the same principle as that of 12V;
  • 110V, a completely different power and wiring diagram, not to be confused.

Fundamental rules:

  1. observe the polarity;
  2. do not use power supplies with different voltage;
  3. in wet rooms do seals;
  4. We do not do consistently over 5 meters long;
  5. a length of more than 5 m. Only parallel.

Connecting the strip at 110 volts

Electrical wiring scheme Electrical wiring scheme

From the low-voltage power polarity is different to 110V.The peculiarity is that all the LEDs are connected in series one by one or in pairs in a long chain of 60 pieces. Cutting can only be a multiple of 50 or 100 cm. When fails one diode, then it goes out once a large segment equal to the size of the cut.

This disadvantage is offset by the simplicity and low cost, solid piece can be up to 70 meters, while a conventional 12V only 5m.

Connecting the LED strip 110V requires extreme care due to the high voltage.It is better to once again double-check than to get an electric shock.

Rectifier to 700W Rectifier to 700W

Electrical connection scheme for the strip at home on 12V and 24V

There are two popular species, one-color and tri-color RGB LED strip. Schemes properly connected to the power supply with their own hands is very simple and affordable for almost everyone.

The length of the whole length of 5 meters is limited due to the voltage drop at the end.Everywhere they write about it, but no specific results values. I measured the difference at the beginning and end of the strip on the diode 3528, turned 0.8V.5 m. in its pre-warmed for an hour to obtain objective data before measuring. On more powerful with LEDs SMD 5050 and 5630 this value is higher because of the greater strength of the current is not enough cross-section of the copper foil, which is made from the base. At the end of the power will fall by 16%, and the light output by 6-7%. To compensate for the fall, you can take the power from each end.

Series connection and extension Series connection and extension

If the length of elements connected in series reached 5 m., The next five-meter (or less) require a parallel connection. For simplicity, combining the elements with each other, just buy the connectors in a variety of connectors and extensions. They exist more than 15 species, the connection will be simple, as in the constructor.

Proper parallel connection to the power supply to 12 volts Proper parallel connection to the power supply to 12 volts

Consider the parallel connection of LED strip with your hands, it is only correct when the interval of more than 5 m., Other options to use, you should not.

A small video how to connect with their own hands.

Proper connection of RGB

Scheme for RGB Scheme for RGB

RGB connection will be more difficult, but it is just as easy by using special connectors. They allow you to do without soldering. Plumbing is not difficult, it can make anyone who has ever in his life held a soldering iron.

Consider the connection of LED strip to 110V under the scheme for the three-color RGB. It operates the same rule, every 5 meters must be connected in parallel. The circuit is characterized by a control unit, also called a controller. Depending on the modifications he will have a remote control or normal.

Serial connection between the RGB is up to 5m. Serial connection between the RGB is up to 5m.

Scheme of serial power to extend the RGB strip.

Using the RGB amplifier for very long LED strips Using the RGB amplifier for very long LED strips

When long-distance use RGB amplifier to maintain the control voltage at the required level. This eliminates the laying of main stranded wires.

Video instructions on how to connect the RGB at home on their own.

How to solder the wires to the LED strip

As an inveterate electronics, I prefer to solder LED strip, this is the most reliable connection. You can use special connectors that are not required to solder. In the powerful current strength obtained large enough connection without soldering can be heated and oxidized.

After buying an apartment in new building, I had to do the floor screed and paint the walls in 3 layers. The flat has long been much moisture because of the large amount of water used for the floor and walls. It is stronger, such as kitchen salt shaker from crumbly stone formed. Electronics does not like these conditions, the contacts start to turn sour. For a long time did not help airing, I did not sunny, the air is cold, even in the heat. New is cold freezing even in the hot summer.

Contact area Contact area

Cut only between the segments of 3 LEDs. This place is marked with a symbol of scissors and is located next to the contact pads.

Video tutorial how to solder.

Connectors, Accessories

To help you understand the types of connectors that will show the range of the manufacturer ERA. In the pictures all the main types.

Connector inside Connector inside Different types of connectors Different types of connectors

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