LED strips

Accessibility and ease of modern lighting allows you to install it on the car.In addition to the internal tuning and soffit replacement of conventional lamps to LEDs, the car uses LED strip to improve the lighting in places where the light never was.

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The introduction of new lighting technologies allow you to conduct your own hands calculation and installation. I’ll tell you how to choose the right plastic and aluminum profile for LED strip. Many simply do not know that cooling is required. Читать далее

As an inveterate electronics, continue to share experiences and best practices. I try to express, without technical terms, that it was clear from the child to the grannies. On this overcast day we will choose the right power supply for LED strip 12V, hereinafter abbreviated as «PSU». Читать далее

Consider the most powerful LED Strip SMD 5630 and SMD 5730. They are much inferior to the popularity of other modifications on the diodes 3528 and 5050. Set them only on the heat sink in the form of the aluminum profile or on the surface, capable of take the heat.
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