Testing LED ceiling panels to the ceiling Armstrong

LED панель 220v

A week ago, I had to work with modern LED panels for installation in the ceiling. The price of 20$  and quality were very attractive as compared to equivalent, consisting of ICE other types of lamps.

The low price is due to the fact that the LED panels are going to Poland with Japanese Nishia LEDs (Nichia). As a result, we get the highest quality at a reasonable price. Competitors, as always, is a Chinese manufacturer, but now they will not have advantages over the products of European brands due to the fact that the dollar has risen by half, respectively, increased by one and a half times the price of products from China. So now half under the heavens in mourning.

The panels are designed for installation in the office, retail and residential space. Due to the presence of electrical certified, features have been tested for validity. Also compared the efficiency of the luminous flux with prismatic and opal diffuser.

Characteristics of LED panels

Prismatic panel Prismatic panel Matte panel Matte panel

This lamp is optimal in terms of price and consumer characteristics,
Main characteristics:

  • Power: 36 watts;
  • Size: 595 x 595 x 25 (height with power supply), 10 mm. without PSU;
  • color temperature: 5000K, the sun at noon;
  • luminous flux of 3600 lumens;
  • life time 50.000 hours;
  • Operating temperature: -50 to +70 degrees;
  • humidity: 95%;
  • ripple ratio: 0%;
  • weight: 1.1 kg.


Compared with luminescent lamp

светильники люминисцентный и led

Most often the ceiling mounted fluorescent lamps, consisting of 4 lamps to 18 watts. At the same time the lamp consumes 72 watts, plus 10 watt ballast, the total consumption is 82 watts. The average light output is 2400 lumens, about him often silent or overstate it, because most of the fixtures are selected based on power, not Energy Efficiency. In addition, the upper hemisphere fluorescent lamps shining upward, but fully reflect the luminous flux down does not allow the lamp itself, which it covers, which reduces the efficiency by 35%.

Comparing the basic parameters of the lamp, it turns out that this diode panel of more than 2 times more economical, provides more light on 50%, and only shines down.

As a result, LED panel economical 3 times, if you count how many rubles will cost coverage per square meter. And with the increase in electricity tariffs in the future economy will be even higher.

The color temperature is 5000K panel, this is the best indicator that corresponds to the position of the sun at noon. White Light at the same luminous flux gives the best coverage than white or warm white cold.

Flicker factor

When choosing lighting, almost no one pays any attention to such an important figure as the coefficient of pulsations in other words, the flicker. In the cheap fluorescent lamps it is 30%, in expensive 5%. According to the results of numerous studies flicker leads to fatigue and reduced efficiency, especially when working with a computer. Most often this sensitive people, many working at the computer, including me.

LED panel provides light output with zero ripple factor, because the lamp driver power supply stabilizes at 100%.

Compare the prismatic and matte

The results of measurement of luminous flux luminaire with different lenses, carried out in our laboratory:

  • Prismatic 3600 lumens;
  • matt 3200 Lumen.

Результаты замера светового потока светильника с разными рассеивателями, проведенные в нашей лаборатории:

  • призматический 3600 Люмен;
  • матовый 3200 Люмен.
Luminous flux prismatic panel Luminous flux prismatic panel Matte panel Matte panel

Efficiency brushed Spreader below because of its translucency. Prismatic is clearly better in this case, the choice depends on your preferences and matches the style of your design. In practice, no one will be looking at your lamp on the ceiling and discuss diffuser.

Dimensions of LED panels

The use of LEDs in the ceiling lights allows them thin and ultra-thin. The thickness of only 25 mm LED. with power supply unit, width and height 600×600 mm. If the power supply external make or separate, the total thickness is 10 mm. Minimum thickness makes it possible not to stand on the ceiling and make installation of not embedding it into the ceiling, and simply overlaid manner. The thickness of the luminescent least 85mm.


This lamp has an excellent value for money and consumer characteristics, at least 3 times higher than fluorescent. His closest analogues are from 30$. But it does not guarantee the same excellent performance.

Modern looks and ultra-thin thickness allows to use it on the ceilings in the apartments, even in conventional concrete or wood.


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