LED ceiling lights, test 6 models

In October, I was approached by the company Alfa-light, which is engaged in the wholesale, wholesale and retail sale of recessed ceiling LED downlights. They wanted me to do an independent review of the product. Also engaged in manufacturing ceiling, therefore it is well known that the demand among customers.

The lineup

If you are not interested in a simple classic design, I want something with a twist, then diversify interior decorated model home. Designers will be easier for them to enter into a new or current project by choosing the right combination of brightness and body.

Lineup I liked immediately, the full name of product — spot ceiling recessed LED downlights. Externally slim, stylish, with mood lighting. For registration housings used:

  • transparent plexiglass;
  • mirror surfaces;
  • multicolored additional lighting;
  • frosted lenses.

To write a review I sent 12 samples, 2 pieces of each type. Fully describe all in one article, of course, will not work. This is a combined overview, and then each sample to be tested individually. The range of diode lamps for suspended ceilings consist of 6 basic models of different power, size and decor.

Each model has several variants:

  1. three different colors of illumination;
  2. three kinds of brightness;
  3. the presence or absence of illumination.

Comparison table.
Table characteristics specified by the manufacturer and the measured power. Before the test, they warmed up to operating temperature.

Parameter LY501 J-18 LY-206 LY-115G LF-401 LY-301
Brightness, Lm 480 400 480 + 160 1200 960 1440
Declared power, W 6W 4W 6W + 2 W 15W + 3W 12W 18
Measured power 5,5W 5W 4,7W + 4,9W 8,2W + 2,8W 13,2W 17,3W
Number diodes 10 4 10 60 24 90
The form a circle square a circle a circle square a circle
Dimensions in mm. 100 × 31 100 × 32 110 × 32 160 × 23 160 × 34 240 × 29
Degree of protection IP43 IP43 IP43 IP43 IP43 IP43
Colorful temperature 6000K 4000K 6000K 600K 6000K
Features Light, Warm White lights, light green

Flicker factor and driver

An important parameter of any light device is the ripple factor, to put it simply flicker.Many on this option simply do not know, because most of his life be an incandescent lamp, and nothing to worry about. Strong flicker leads to poor health, eye strain, fatigue, especially contraindicated in children.

samples tested ripple factor of less than 1%, that is absolutely not flicker.Power modules (drivers) are very good. These are equipped with LED lights from the company Armstrong Sibertek, cost from 100$ piece, which correspond to all standards and recommended for installation in kindergartens and nursery schools.

Of course, I appreciated the stuffing diode drivers, assessing assembly and element base. The assembly is very high quality, unlike many others, uses a two-layer printed circuit board.The tracks on each side there are connected, and metallized holes. Due to this, it turns out the most compact. Such design speaks to the high quality and excellent use of the equipment manufacturer.

To estimate the electrical parameters, I tried to look on the chip labeling information on the Internet.I was able to find an overview of the tests and of the driver using the oscilloscope. But my current source has parameters even better, through the use of high-capacity capacitor at the output.

How works backlight

Many changes over time recessed halogen ceiling lights to modern. For these wiring typically consists of two wires, which can realize the function of switching on and off of lighting. But modern point ceiling LED downlights for homes equipped with backlit monochrome or RGB. This function requires modifying wiring add another wire management. Most of you do not want to pay extra for a partial alteration of a stretch ceiling, switches, remote control unit.

Having examined the largest specimen found one big plus. Frosted glass can be removed and will remain the second most transparent corrugated. Due to this increase brightness and change the appearance. It was pleasant to me, because I can at will change the appearance, if tired old.

During testing I did not immediately realize how to control the backlight section. In LY-206 and LY-115G only two wires to connect. The driver turned out to be a trigger control, I do not know exactly how it is called in the stores. Switching occurs in cycles, due to the switch.

It works as follows:

  1. first main light switch lights;
  2. turn off the power and turn on again quickly, lit only additional light;
  3. again off and on, the main light illuminates and an additional;
  4. and so the circle, the switching operates within 3 seconds after shutdown.

Installation is obtained a very simple, do not have anything to alter and change the switches in the two sections.It is an ideal solution for those who have decided to diversify the interior lighting color without using an LED strip.

LY501 Lamp, photos

Energy consumption

he number of watts consumed by a LED lamp for ceiling he number of watts consumed by a LED lamp for ceiling

Downlight J-18, photo


Downlight LY-206

Electric power consumption in Watts

The main light The main light The power consumption of the main light The power consumption of the main light Powered lights for the ceiling, warm white light Powered lights for the ceiling, warm white light The power consumption of the second section The power consumption of the second section Primary and secondary, neutral white +  warm white Primary and secondary, neutral white + warm white Total power Total power

General impression

During testing the entire model lineup impressions are very good. Quality of details and assembly within tolerance. Housings alloy with small ribs, rather than stamping out a thin metal. Because of this weight is large enough, especially felt when one slipped off the table after the driver fell to the feet and straight edge. At this point, I had described the bad words that you can not write.

Now in vogue for 2015 strongly frosted glass that was not visible points of light-emitting diodes. For installation in suspended ceiling glass merges with the surface of the ceiling, and only allocated frame around.

Buildings heating temperature ranged from 40 to 45 degrees. Heating LED must be measured separately, it will be done on an individual review of each point Downlights, in one article does not fit.

The real power in 4 models is correct, and even more. One is incorrect, but after a review of the company Alfa-light fix technical specifications of their products.

I have a variety of equipment and I often I measure everything that comes handy. According to the results of measurements of diode lamps, led strips and other products, 80% of companies in the domestic market (eg Feron, ASD, Jazzway) overstate the parameters by 15-20%. This is especially true for the cost of goods, which demand higher. By this deception they try to compete with each other. These are the realities of marketing that has come from our Chinese brothers in mind.

Model LY-115G, photos

Power consumption


8,23 Вт main light 8,23 Вт main light

2,85W green backlight 2,85W green backlight Backlight and main light Backlight and main light Total power 10,8W Total power 10,8W

Модель LF-401, фото

Energy consumption

On the stretch ceilings in the ice box is a pretty contour frame On the stretch ceilings in the ice box is a pretty contour frame Total power consumption 13,2W Total power consumption 13,2W

Model LY-301

Power consumption


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