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Today I will share features selection of chandeliers and lamps for LED lamps. Part of it is our own experience, some of the numerous problems of my readers. Before purchasing a LED lamp, you need to determine what kind of lighting you want to get in the room. Often, after the purchase is that the amount of light is too small or the cap does not allow to set the desired power. A solution is the same as has already been spent on the current lighting.

Socket E14

The most powerful E14 to 580Lm. The most powerful E14 to 580Lm.

The most powerful E14 to 580Lm. Feature cap E14, this power limit and luminous flux due to the small size of the cap. Among the famous brands of the maximum power is only 7W, and the brightness of 550-600 lumens.

As you can see in the picture above, the manufacturer of «housekeeper» is cheating, saying that svetodiodka 580 Lumen is an analogue to the 75W incandescent. She did not even reach the relevant customary to 60W, which shines on 650Lm.

If you are interested in 800-900 lm, you have to try to look for, they are very rare, they are often brought to order. Another option is to buy the online store, domestic or foreign. I recommend search Aliexpress, international Chinese market, one product has a lot of vendors that creates competition among them.

Chinese sellers 99% of the characteristics overestimate repeatedly led bulbs. I prefer to buy maize, so I recommend them. The biggest plus, the number of LEDs can be seen, on which I can calculate the luminous flux.


Diode corn on 900 Lumen, reliable models Diode corn on 900 Lumen, reliable models

An example of the right led light bulbs with E14 base and a brightness of 900 lumens, they have proven themselves.

Bad, very often burn out Bad, very often burn out

These do not recommend to buy, a lot of complaints about the low quality and poor design. Power is typically inflated to 5 times.

Socket G9

The most powerful in the G9 6W and 380 lm., 104 LEDs The most powerful in the G9 6W and 380 lm., 104 LEDs

I do not recommend to buy such. LED Bulb G9 220V shine up to 380Lm, are expensive, highly heated, often have a very large ripple, simply put much shimmer. Usually chandelier with them only suitable for small rooms up to 10 square meters

The reader is told is very popular issue. The wife of two months looking for a chandelier on the ceiling, traveled all the shops, yet has found a suitable and bought for 15,000 rubles. The purchase was very satisfied. for the repair time has come to put the end of led lamp, and then came the disappointment. In appearance it draws only 2,000 rubles, simple Chinese plastic blestyashki and stands as if there is crystal. Most importantly disappointment, it was with the G9 caps 6 pieces, and it was necessary to light up the room 22 square. The most powerful G9 shines 380 lumens while consuming 6W power. Lighting receives only 2300 lumens., Which on this area is not enough. Since much time had passed, it was not subject to return. Wife was demoted from the housewife to the cleaners for embezzlement of funds family.

I suggested a few solutions:

  1. convert a conventional E27;
  2. look for the Chinese powerful G9 bulbs;
  3. pokleit in the base metal circle with a diameter of 30 cm high-power LED SMD tape on 5630.

He stopped at the simplest, buying new G9 on Aliekspress. Selecting large, but 90% of them are poor and weak with exaggerated features.

Chinese LED SMD packages in 5050 and 2835 102 LED, a diode 0,09W Chinese LED SMD packages in 5050 and 2835 102 LED, a diode 0,09W

I would recommend the reader to buy into a Chinese online store, do not have to be tested, but it is necessary to remove the flask. Their average power 9W and the light 650-700 lm.

Bad the G9, are dying like flies, tested Bad the G9, are dying like flies, tested

Ceiling lamp with remote control

Ceiling led light with remote control Ceiling led light with remote control

Chandeliers with remote control may have a brightness adjustment function of light, ie the built-in dimmer. When buying an inexpensive simple model designed light sources 220, the seller can not tell you that the brightness control only works with incandescent lamps. With svetodiodkami it may not work, because the controller is designed for a minimum load of 30-40W. The diode will create a small load to 1-5 W, because of this, when you try to reduce the brightness of the flash and they can be damaged.

When buying ask, on what the minimum power consumption designed built-in dimmer. It should work with a power of 1 Watt. It only applies to light bulbs to 220 volts and 12V.

Modification of the ceiling lamp

Setting RGB diode backlight Setting RGB diode backlight

Often asked how to modify the LED backlight, chandelier, if they are designed for 220V. Someone wants to change the illumination color to RGB, put a dimmer control, sticking tape diode 12V.

In this case I recommend to transfer power from 220V to 12V. On the basis of the ceiling set a small power supply unit 12, which will provide power to other units. If there is a power plant in the area of ​​the ceiling is not present, it can be installed in any convenient location, even to mount on the wall around the switch. Dimmer and remote control unit can also be installed next to the switch.

As a result of the change in the low-voltage power supply, you can install cheaper light sources for 12 volts and connect a standard light control equipment that is used in the design of LED lighting.

The only drawback of this modernization is its complexity, refer to qualified service personnel if the friendship with a soldering iron you are not very strong.

Design and construction

Combined design shines upward and downward Combined design shines upward and downward

Luminous efficiency of the lamp or lamps depends on the location of the light elements, horizontal and vertical location of the cartridges and lampshades. Light can be directed down or bounce off the ceiling. Upon reflection from the white ceiling, you lose half brightness.

An important role is played by the material and manufacturing lampshades, usually frosted or translucent. It reduces the average brightness of 50%. Yes, set matte bulb, which consumes 20-40%. It turns out that the light in the room is still not enough.


Chandelier with shades removed, do not look so bad Chandelier with shades removed, do not look so bad

There are several low-cost solutions:

  1. remove the flask with a diode lamp, only when the LEDs are not blind;
  2. remove the ceiling that certainly spoils the appearance of the product, but we can say that it is an original design solution;
  3. sawdust, shorten the ceiling, they do not greatly obstruct light, they are usually made of plastic or Plexiglas.
  4. further add to the design of high-power LED tape or diode modules.

If the lamp is only one cartridge, there are a few weak lights. And you want more light without changing to the new, there are several options:

  • put double;
  • lengthened diode corn;
  • We use E14 to E27 adapter.


Adapter E14 to E27 Adapter E14 to E27 Double tee, chetvernik for E14 and E27 Double tee, chetvernik for E14 and E27

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