LED Philips Z ES gained its popularity due to the use of LED lamps for Philips Ultinon Led beam headlamps and fog lamps. Due to its small size and large capacity, their spread in the form of a filament of a halogen.

Cree Xlamp Xm-l2

CREE company is one of the market leaders in the production of LEDs. One of the most popular have become powerful diodes Xlamp series. On the basis of CREE XM-L2 produced lights for bicycles, compact powerful lights.


One of the leaders of the global LED market is the company CREE. Its LEDs many times more popular as compared to other products. Who is not good at foreign languages, nothing will be able to find it, but the structure of the official site quite confusing.


SMD LEDs 5050 are the first that combines a good luminous flux with small dimensions. Such excellent performance immediately found application in the first LED strip and avtolampy.


LEDs CREE MT-G2 boosted its popularity at the expense of Chinese engineers, who introduced it in the production of LED lamps near and far for cars. Superbright MT-G2 is one of the most powerful in its class.

Cree XB-D

Some popular high-brightness LEDs Cree XB-D received through the Chinese engineers who designed based on these LED lamps for cars. They are now firmly occupied the first place among light bulbs for fog lights for the daytime running lights (DRL).


LED series CREE XM-L, as many refer to their XML, became the most powerful super-bright led diodes. With its compact dimensions of 5 by 5 mm. their luminous flux neutral white light in the denomination of 260 lumens, and the maximum allowable up to 1040 lumens.


In 2014 it went on sale LED lamps on the COB. Submitted by the new technology, which allows the body to place a single LED and feed a lot of crystals. In the future, new technology will replace the existing SMD components.