Why LED lamp blinks and flickering

Тест 7 ламп на мигание света

Many point to the fact that for some reason the LED lamp flickers, flashes or flickers in the on and off state. This deficiency manifests itself due to an unstable power supply, ripple current that flows from the network 110V. It appears from budget and economy China, where the manufacturer saved on the power supply. Most manufacturers do not indicate that an important parameter in the characteristics of the LED lamp .

This is evident most of all in close proximity, but rather the power to determine the flashing using a camera phone. Point the phone camera on a light bulb at a distance of 1 meter, you will see the lines on the screen.Flashing occurs with a frequency of 100 Hertz, this frequency is very difficult to notice on the eye, but it affects our subconscious, our state.


Example flickering in the chandelier Example flickering in the chandelier

There are national standards, which require different levels of lighting ripple depending on the room.If the lamp used to illuminate the back rooms, corridors, entrances — it will not harm.The use of a light source with a high non-uniformity of the luminous flux in a residential area is very undesirable, especially in children’s rooms.

Flashing (flickering) light causes rapid fatigue of view, the activity of the brain, reducing trudostosobnosti, especially when working with a computer. Especially it is not recommended to write or read under the light ripple above 20%. But this effect is not subject to all the children and most adults rarely. Unfortunately, I myself exposed to this and after an hour of lighting effects such headaches begin, and the pressure rises. The problem can be solved lamps for home with good power.

There are two kinds of power:

  1. through the condenser, it is used in low-end models, flickers;
  2. through to the current stabilization of the driver, in the good, expensive.

Just when you buy be sure to ask the consultant what is installed and the power factor of a flicker from them. In special cases, the problem may occur because of the dimmer for the LED bulbs, the connected load less than that recommended for the dimmer.

Compare the flicker factor

Measurements Spetspribor «TKA-PKM», which shows the power of light and the flicker factor. The 7 different models will take part test. Measurements will be carried out in the dark, from a distance of 1 meter. What is the percentage of koffitsienta ripple — is the percentage change in brightness from on to off state, or the amplitude of the brightness variations.

The type and power Illumination at a distance
1 meter Suite
Flicker factor,%
Energy-saving 15W 100 9
LED 4.5W 74 65
Incandescent 40 W 54 20
Incandescent 60 W 112 15
Incandescent 100 W 238 9
LED 7W 82 0.3
LED bulb 8W 63 87

According to the norms workplace ratio should not exceed 20%.

With a large margin of all participants wins LED bulb 7 watts, the rate of which is 50 times better than its incandescent equivalent of 60 watts.

Winner Ledkraft Winner Ledkraft

Worst result showed corn LED SMD 5050, with a flicker of 87%

The test stand, which measured The test stand, which measured The worst result The worst result

How to get rid of the flashing

If you already own LED lamps with a high coefficient of pulsations, there are several ways to fix this characteristic.

  1. We took out the old stuffing and put the driver.
  2. Solder an additional capacitor for stabilizing the easiest and most inexpensive way.
  3. We took out the stuffing, which are connected to the chandelier, and use one big driver of all light bulbs in it.


Since our health is most precious to us, it should be much more serious about buying such a simple thing, like a light bulb.Since they are durable, it will shine not only you but also your children and grandchildren, and can be inherited.When you purchase you spend and invest your money in their bright future.

In the near future at the request of the female half of the readers of my site will be made ​​about a review of the LED UV lamp for drying nails at home. And the Chinese are selling their goods with low power.


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