Types of dimmers for LED lamps 110V

Recently, growing demand is on dimmers for LED lamps.The reason for this is quite obvious: they greatly enhance the functionalall the LED light sources 110V. You get the ability to adjust the light intensity, the firing order, and even the color of the LEDs in the distance or a given program.It is mounted in place of a conventional circuit breaker and has a number of advantages:

  • saving electricity;
  • It allows for comfortable lighting at any time of the day or night;
  • It fits perfectly into the design of the house;
  • It emphasizes the interior design, allows you to control lighting highlight the favorable space of the house;

Types of dimmers

Are divided on the basis of their control.

Mechanical control.
This is the easiest on the dimmer unit.Brightness adjustment takes place by means of a wheel or buttons.


Touch control.
It looks more prestigious, and management is due to touch the screen. Typically, more expensive.



With the remote control.
Operated by remote control.The remote works by radio or infrared channel.The radio channel can control home lighting from anywhere, even from the street.The infrared channel requires pointing the remote at the dimmer, the operating principle is the same as that of the TV.



Control via Wi-Fi.
system is widely used in the technology of building «smart homes», where the house lighting is controlled from your phone or tablet.Incredibly convenient when you can from anywhere in the home to turn off or turn on the lights and even control appliances.Such systems are also equipped with a conventional touch panel.


Compatible dimmers and lights

Not all LED lights on the 110V are designed to adjust the brightness of light, so you need to pick up the controller to them accordingly. The use of non-regulated with a dimmer may result in denial or to their instability. It is necessary to know in advance whether the need to adjust the brightness, and buy the corresponding LED lamps for home .

When buying LED lamps, or diode light source, consult the retailer about its compatibility with the dimmer.

The main differences are the use of the LED dimmer from the usual:

  1. A prerequisite is the availability of work LED dimmable driver;
  2. Power LED is 10 times less than the power of conventional bulbs, so you should choose less powerful, capable of operating with a load of 1 W;
  3. For proper selection of dimmer power for the LED light sources you will need to consult your dealer or a specialist.

So which model to choose?
It all depends on the taste, design apartments, interior and buying a purse. If you do not want the extra cost, but you need to control the lighting, choose mechanical. For those who like the convenience of fit with a remote control. For those who are never far from a smartphone, the best choice would be to control via Wi-fi.

Whichever dimmer you choose, we recommend to choose the device from trusted manufacturers.Famous Chinese manufacturers certify their products, but are different from European brands more affordable price

Connect the dimmer with their hands

Get control of brightness in accordance with your lamps.Before installation, turn off the electricity in the house.Strip the wire, get the phase indicator.Phase wire to connect the terminal with the letter of L, the second wire into the terminal labeled N. Further, the wires are clamped and held adjustment bolts, worn frame.


Схема подключения диммера

Simply put, it is connected in series to the live wire.


Dimmers save electricity, adjust the brightness of the light, perfectly fit into the interior, easy to install and are very inexpensive.Such devices allow each person to turn his apartment into a high-tech «smart home».

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