Match power LED lamps and incandescent bulbs

In recent years, many are thinking about switching to the use of LED. Previously, there was one such parameter as power, it is now a full-fledged electronic lighting fixture with a few basic specifications for power supply chips, light from warm to cool, and even tri-color RGB.

Ignorance ratio of LED lamps and incandescent lamps are unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers, for example, indicating the brightness of 800 lumens, and stating that it is an analog of an ordinary incandescent 100 Watt.

Table power ratio

The table shows the power ratio for the led light bulbs for homes with open diodes, that is, without the bulb, which reduces brightness to 15-20%.

Power, W LED, W The flow of light Lm
25 3 250
40 5 400
60 8 650
100 14 1300
150 22 2100

The most common misconception, when it is considered that the LED 10 watt incandescent bulb is the equivalent of 100 watts. However, considering that the brightness of matt bulb decreases by 20% and goes to heating 1W driver, eventually we obtained only 7 watts useful to give an average of 700-800 lumens. That does not quite live up to the required 1300 lm.

Example matte bulb Example matte bulb

In the high-power diode bulbs bulb used to protect your eyes, especially for children, because the blinds as welding.

The analog incandescent 100W will be two diode lamp 650 Lumen. When selecting Now it is not necessary to focus on Watts and use a number of lumens of the conformity table. The higher the brightness of the diode, the greater must be its radiator. This is one of the indirect methods to determine the power and the right to choose the equivalent.

Tips on replacing incandescent bulbs

  1. Also in the sale can be found long led the G13, which can replace mercury in fluorescent lamps, saving the current case.
  2. If your lighting is not even designed to be placed and set, for the purpose of cheapening the cost of lighting can be installed LED panels to the ceiling Armstrong. The panel has dimensions of 60 by 60 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. No power supply.It can be installed on virtually any roof overhead way. Instead, we get a huge brightness of 3600 lumens for 25$.
  3. I prefer diode lamps in the form of corn, they have a good structure and does not require a separate heat sink to dissipate heat and flasks. The only drawback — exposed electrical contacts with a low voltage diodes.

Table of compliance of energy saving

Power, Watt LED, W The flow of light Lm
4 3 250
9 5 400
13 8 650
20 14 1300
30 22 2100

Energy saving as much as possible effective continuous operation, with frequent switching on and off, they consume for heating is several times larger, and initially included on half power.

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