LED lamps, reviews and comments the harm?

Мнение специалиста о вреде

Technical progress is inexorably coming and I was often treated with the same questions about the harm of LED bulbs, and how truthful reviews about them, read on the Internet.

As shown by my practice, 5 reviews for specialists many times better than 100 reviews of amateurs who know how to screw and the general principle of work. Of the 100 reviews from the internet only 1-2 written by an expert in the subject, and the rest are biased personal opinion.

Myths about the dangers

Myth №1. The spectrum is different from incandescent light bulbs

The spectrum of the wavelength The spectrum of the wavelength

Yes, the spectrum of the other, but that does not make it harmful.Comfortable for a long time been recognized as fluorescent lighting, which is similar to daylight. Pure white light is perceived more comfortable than a warm white, because they are not yellow.

Myth №2. Blink (flicker), and this harm

Example flashing in my hallway Example flashing in my hallway

This sin cheap LED lamp, with a bad power supply. In this case, in part, you become hostage to their greed, when you want to buy a Lada, and went to a Mercedes. For residential premises good buy, they will save your health and will be repaid many times over. The utility room is set arbitrarily cheap, just to light. To judge the harmfulness, look at the light bulb through the camera of any digital camera, although the camera phone though. More details in my article Why flashing LED lamp .

Myth №3 — greenish shade light

So Green cheap Chinese lamp So Green cheap Chinese lamp

To notice this shortcoming is possible if you get accustomed to something white. For example a white wall, a piece of paper, they are green tinge. This is found on inexpensive Chinese-made lamps that use LEDs supercheap unknown manufacturer or rejection of primary production. Famous Chinese brands producing European quality LEDs.

The powerful can not be small, she must be a large heatsink to dissipate heat. If not, the bulb power is low.

My review is a specialist

On the topic of harm LED lamps for home , I talked to my colleagues, that there were 5 people from different organizations, which have long been engaged in light sources.Our view is almost completely coincided.

It is impossible to praise or to be dissatisfied with how the manufacturer. Each of them has on offer a good model, and not very much. Reviews better to look for a particular model, because each different fillings.

List the reasons why the cost to replace the old with LED:

  1. Light up at once, as opposed to energy saving.
  2. No harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  3. No infrared radiation, which can affect the matrix of photo and video.
  4. Practically do not emit heat, a little heat, this excludes burns, especially if children are present.
  5. High mechanical strength.Lamp plastic flask is very hard to beat, even mallet.It will break down in other places, but the bulb will remain intact.This eliminates the sharp shards of glass that you will get if you will be broken glass.Children can reach you wherever you go and break anything, regardless of height.
  6. Maximum environmental friendliness, do not contain toxic substances vapors.After a broken fluorescent light bulbs you will need to evacuate the room for a week for cleaning.
  7. LED easy to repair, for 5 — 10 minutes.Usually replace burned-out power supply or LED.


Do not believe all the reviews, because they are written by someone unknown, homemaker, granny, blonde.Consult those who are well versed in this, and you will have no doubt that the damage to the LED lamps exaggerated and they are superior to all other consumer characteristics species.

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