LED lamps for home on the 100W incandescent

Лампа LED аналог 100 Ватт

The most common incandescent bulbs are model with a capacity of 40, 60, 75 and 100 watts. Consider incandescent counterparts at 100 watts, under the most popular E27. This LED lamp power for homes is popular due to the fact that it allows a minimum illumination of premises of medium size and 15 square meters. Currently, in order to avoid confusion, it becomes reasonable to go on the measurement of light in lumens rather than watts, as it was before.

Table matching power

Power W LED, W The flow of light, lumen
40 5 400
60 8 700
100 14 1300
150 22 2100

Compliance with LED lamps power indicated average, because it can be matte bulb, which eats up part of the luminous flux.And usually consumes 1-2 watts the power supply itself, ie the driver.

In addition, the manufacturer has the ability to specify the number of lumens without the bulb, and thus you will lose part of the luminous flux during the operation with the bulb.It all depends on the manufacturer’s integrity.

Choose a color temperature

Bathroom Lighting white light Bathroom Lighting white light

Depending on the colors of the room light can be absorbed or reflected by changing color. For example, in my bathroom tiles with a greenish color, cool white light gives a nasty depressing shade glubovato green.It turns out this swamp lighting. White light gives a warm yellowish-green tint. All the «beauty» camera being unable to pass, and will distort your monitor properly.The situation could be corrected only light white light. The light which are reflected, giving color tiles, not distorting the colors for the bathroom.

Universal consider white light, perhaps you, like me, still like a normal daylight without any yellow or blue shades. At the same power white light provides better coverage than the cold and warm.

Analogs LED 100 W

To the equivalent incandescent lamp is a source of 100 watts, it must first have a considerable size. Some manufacturers may deceive you frankly, it’s not often the buyer understands the lumens and watts. For example, a well-known manufacturer of Feron said that theirs bulbs to 10W and brightness of 800 lm replace conventional 80-100 watts.

Comparing the options on our table, it turns out that before Hundreds far, 800 lumens required by 1300 differ significantly. Thus you unobtrusively deceived by 40%.By purchasing this, you will be disappointed and have to buy another.

Lamp type «corn»

One of the most simple and inexpensive types, this «corn».Basically, they make Chinese people, but are connected to this small domestic producers, who buy components from Chinese. But the essence remains the same, only we have collected.

Consider the budget corn, which will shine on the old 100 watt.
I am familiar with how to sell the Chinese, as they usually exaggerate the technical characteristics of the lamps.In my experience, buying from China is only one of the dealer wrote a hundred faithful performance of their products.If you buy on a Chinese website, the Chinese swear to you that it will shine as it is written in the characteristics, but divide it by an average of two.


Here is the honest weaving consisting of 98 LEDs. Its price will be at least 8-10 dollars. Here is the honest weaving consisting of 98 LEDs. Its price will be at least 8-10 dollars.

Corn should be made ​​to LEDs SMD 5730, SMD 5630 or 5050. Other models, such as SMD 3528 have become obsolete and have the worst characteristics. Since LEDs do not use a proprietary 5730, and an unknown manufacturer, they give only 0.15 watts.At the position of 0.5 watts.they quickly degrade, lose their brightness.

Divide 14W on 0,15Vt, it turns out that corn should have roughly 95-100 shtukSMD 5730. They have an elongated shape and half a millimeter larger than the LED SMD 5630 .

Lamps with frosted bulb

If you choose a matte bulb, be careful, it hides from you the type and quantity is not known that there crammed.It is better to overpay for the price than to be upset.Price ranges from $ 10, as the metal is used for the radiator.

It should look like an analog of 100 watts.Dimensions should not be less, because the radiator dissipates an average of 15 watts of heat on himself.If the size of it will have less, then it will be very warm, leading to a more rapid degradation of the brightness of the LED, plus they do not like heat.

Inside it are branded 30 diodes, for example, Epistar.Corporate staff polvatta issue, so the consumption of such a lamp is 15 watts.Dimensions her a little more than usual due to the presence of the plastic cover that protects the radiator.

A plurality of SMD elements may be replaced by a single large diode manufactured by COB technology, which includes many small.If you can see it, its power can not be installed.But the presence of COB does not negate the existence of a good heat sink of large dimensions.

COB high power COB high power


Choosing a powerful lamp do not trust the promises on the packaging and the information written on the pages of online stores. Most often, the seller in person to you is not bad advise. Remember a couple of lines from the table of the relationship between LED lamps and luminous flux, and if you do not lead to a variety of tricks and trompe l’oeil.

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