Compare Philips LED lamps and Jazzway

In the summer I was approached by a friend who, after a new repair decided to replace conventional lamps to LED for the home. In the online store are good items at a low price at which it will be possible to carry out the experiment were found. Shop local elected not to waste time on delivery.

Among a wide variety of specialties chosen Jazzway and Philips, which by the luminous flux will be analogous to the 60W incandescent bulbs. Repair each made with a lot of blue and blue shades, and not to enhance the blue, I decided to change the shade of the warm side of warm white light at 3000 Kelvin.

Specifications Philips

ЛЕД лампа Филипс и Технические характеристики на упаковке

Philips parameters, the price of 10$:

  • Power 8 W;
  • 600 Lumen, an analog 60W;
  • not dimmable;
  • Warm White 3000K;
  • lifetime of 15,000 hours;
  • only for the home, on the street can not be operated.

Such well-known global brand like Philips, does not allow himself to overstate the characteristics of its products and so buy and trust it. All specifications are guaranteed for 100%. But Chinese brands, such as Jazzway want to break into the Russian market and get as many sales. Therefore, they overstate the parameters of their light bulbs to get yourself plenty of advantages. And very few people in the end be able to find out what characteristics are too high, in addition to specialists.

Specifications Jazzway


Лампочка Джазвей и упаковка

Jazzway, the price of 7$:

  • power of 11W;
  • 880 Lumen, an analog 75W;
  • Warm White 3000K;
  • lifetime of 25,000 hours;

Why I thought the same model, although the characteristics they differ quite strongly from Jazzway brightness stated in 1.5 times more than that of Phillips.

Therefore, looking at the lamp and knowing Chinese marketing, I appreciated the brightness Jazzway 600 lumens, rather than 880. In addition, Jazzwaya radiator does not pull on a full 11W, LEDs will simply overheat.

The difference in service life due to the generation of diodes used and standard calculation of the LED life. For example, Phillips may consider useful life to loss of brightness by 15%, and Jazzway can count up to 30% loss. Both qualitatively collected, but Phillips pomonolitney as that seems.

Test in the chandelier

LED лампы Филипс и Джазвей в люстре

Thanks to its vast experience, technical data can accurately detect eye. Devices at hand was not, but all the pictures you can see and appreciate. Compare shall filament to 60W, which shines on the passport 650 Lumen. Perhaps you the difference will not be seen, because I have a professional calibrated monitor, and you have a conventional, with poor color reproduction. Philips color is identical to an incandescent bulb, shines Jazzway colder.

As I expected, the two shine alike, 8W 11W from Philips are the Chinese. Overall Specifications type LED lamps are similar to a conventional 60 Watt. Measurements of power household power meter showed:

  • Philips consumes 8.5 watts, instead of 8W;
  • Jazzway consumes 9.1 watts instead of 11W;

did not open the cabinet, if they are collected thoroughly, then at dismantling could lose its presentation, and the chandelier will not look very elegant.

If you have important brightness and you are ready to sacrifice its appearance, it is possible to gently break off or cut off a matte flask. This will add an average of 20% brightness. But it will reduce the operational safety, which will be visible LEDs and their contacts.


Yet, in my opinion, the producers saved on the metal to cool the radiator. After 1 hour of work they are very hot, probably to the maximum permissible 80 degrees, even the hand is no longer tolerated. If we compare with the power of the LED lamp corn, it does not get as much as these. radiator area is still too small, a little short to normal.

When measuring ripple revealed that Phillips little flickers, while Jazzwaya no flicker. This can be in one case, that would reduce the price, Phillips made the driver of the capacitor, but the soldered additional capacitor to lower the ripple back to normal. Jazzway made meals on the full driver with stabilization on the chip, so the flicker completely absent.

Measurements conducted ripple digital camera smartphone to the same ripple effect can be determined by the relative distance of the camera to light. The lower the ratio, the closer it is necessary to bring a camera, it appeared that on the strip.


After a simple home test these LED bulbs, I put all the pros and cons. I think that on such a parameter, as the price of 1 Lumen and other related characteristics I choose Jazzway. At equal consumer characteristics they provide a lower cost of lighting.

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