Review budget Feron LB-70 LED lamp

Testing inexpensive LED lamp, candle Feron 6 SMD 5730 LED white light flux, set in a wall lamp and a refrigerator.

There was a trouble with the fridge bulb is lighting and ceiling oplavila that it closed, there was the usual 15 watt E14. Since the spouse required to restore the lighting of the lamps was extracted corn led with E14 socket, but once suffered appearance chandeliers and corn had to return to the place.

Dimensions bulb were small compared with corn, but thanks to the elongated shape it has gone in the place of the previous one. However, maize output was 70 W, so at the opening night, the inside was like the road to heaven with bright lighting. There were also thought to stick to the wall inside the LED strip tape and powered by a small driver, but nothing suitable was not at hand.

Feron Specifications

In order to reduce the time required to return the refrigerator light, were the online store selected a couple of inexpensive LED light bulbs. Given that it must have a maximum diameter of 35 mm., It had to be selected in the form of suppositories. About the possibility of using a dimmer for LED lamps nothing is specified, then it is impossible. The choice fell on the cheapest price for Feron LB-70 characteristics:

  • the number of LEDs 6;
  • the color temperature of 4000K;
  • light flux of 300 lumens;
  • current consumption of 25 mA;
  • transparent body;
  • life of 10,000 hours was written, but it is written on the box of 50,000 h .;
  • the price of 110 rubles as of January 21, 2015.

Specifications Feron LB-70 is perfect for my needs, so it was purchased 2 pieces.


The lamp in the refrigerator The lamp in the refrigerator

Honey has got to the place of an old lamp, as expected, but of course it is much sticks out because of the great length, so cover snaps into place.

Brightness in the evening Brightness in the evening

The luminous flux of 300 lumens honest, I can quite accurately determine at a glance, or a comparing corn, which I use for 5 years. In size, I can say that the installed LED SMD 5730 , each luminous flux of approximately 50 lumens on the passport, respectively, 6 LED lights for 300 lm.

Buying LED bulbs note flask. If the bulb matt or some other opaque, the manufacturer in order to drive up performance may indicate the luminous flux without bulb. Accordingly, with the bulb you will get lower light output.

Besides surprised that at such a cheap price is not completely flicker, ie, ripple coefficient is practically zero. Inside the driver full set, but not the ballast capacitor with a diode bridge.

She is completely absent flicker, which can be seen from the photo She is completely absent flicker, which can be seen from the photo

When you try to scratch the flask was found out that it is not scratched, it means that the bulb is not plastic, and is made of glass. Before you scratch the lamp, I thought that it plastic and gently blows would break the flask, and well, it did not break. Before buying pay attention to it, it’s never been written, and the glass bulb may not match your operating conditions, especially if children are present.

Power consumption

The power consumption of LED lamps correspond to the stated in the specifications, and is equal to 3.4 watts, the measurements were accurate enough domestic power meter. After an hour of work base is heated to 52 degrees, with further work temperature did not exceed this value.


LED light Feron LB 70 has proved to be a very good side, no flickering, collected qualitatively, shining as it should be, and fully justifies its price of 110 rubles., The model has turned out successful. If your chandelier a lot of bullets, then at this price will be beneficial to buy a few low-power Feron than 2-3 large power,

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