Filament LED Bulbs

Many have noticed the novelty shops and began to ask about the LED lamps made by the new technology. They have the appearance of the «Back to the Future,» in appearance is exactly like normal, but inside instead of coils mounted thin and long light-emitting diodes. Such models have appeared in almost all manufacturers. The word «filament» is translated as «the thread». Beautiful and memorable names have not yet received, but the technology is called Filament LED, based on COB technology. There are a few people’s names, such as:

  1. filament lamps;
  2. filament led;
  3. with filamentous LEDs.

Overview Filament LED technology

The LEDs in the lamp Filament LED The LEDs in the lamp Filament LED

In fact, this LED is made according to COB technology, when a plurality of crystal is placed on the same substrate. Technological advances have allowed the COB of the diode to make two-way, on a long narrow plate. Manufacturers say:

  • filamentous diode brightness is 100 -115 lumens per watt;
  • life, as most will be 50,000 hours;
  • 3.3 volt power supply;
  • catering 55-70 Volt, perhaps modified by different voltages.

If you look at the filament lamp for home , the driver power diodes stuff especially nowhere, and judging by the supply voltage, it is not required.

Example filament without rim, which apparently is not driver Example filament without rim, which apparently is not driver

I suppose that filamentous diodes will work on 220 volts, without lowering the voltage, so the current intensity will be minimal, about 10-20 Milliampere. To supply the required rectifier for positive and negative, and the current limiting resistor. But it will be present luminous flux pulsations.

Example rim of plastic material which closes the driver Example rim of plastic material which closes the driver

One of my colleagues said that quality without pulsations filaments should have a plastic ring from the cap, in which a full driver will be installed. But it still does not directly provide the best characteristics of light bulbs , but as an indirect indication can be used.

I think no different from the classic LED operation is not, and they will be to work with the dimmer for the LED lamps .


COB plate with threadlike led LEDs COB plate with threadlike led LEDs

The first question that arises in the form of a filament LED bulbs, how cool LED, which hangs in the flask. The concept is simple, it is made of a filamentary form, it is quite long and has a decent surface area for heat dissipation. Based on its size, usually one of the power of 1 watt, which allows it to operate without overheating flask. Accordingly, knowing the power of one and counting through a transparent flask Filament number of LEDs, we get a total capacity equal to their number. Renowned manufacturers on March 12, 2015 release are 2-6 watts at amounts equal to the conventional 60W. If the number of items more, and the size of the greater needs in direct proportion. Otherwise, I believe there will be overheating and reduce the service life based on the laws of physics.

The only negative of filament lamps, it is impossible to do them a great power in the confined space of the glass bulb heat quickly accumulates and ventilation holes are not available. Power lamp filaments can be increased by using a protective flask made ​​of transparent plastic, such as polycarbonate, which will make the bulb unlimited number holes for air circulation.

Also unusual form and we’ll get a decent minus, maintainability below, and to get to the filamentary LEDs, it will be necessary to break the flask, and the presentation is lost.

Video review

Video review of it of our foreign colleagues in English, but everything is clear without translation.
It holds:

  1. measurement of energy consumption;
  2. light meter measurements;
  3. flicker;
  4. parses;
  5. It shows a miniature driver.

Different types

At the sale there were elite LED lamps, made under a light bulb of the last century, as the appearance of the first Edison. They are ideally suited for interior style of old. There are models of the form «candle in the wind», in general, for every taste. The most powerful, which was seen at 8 watts, and consisted of 8 filaments.

Competitor LED lamps

Industrial induction lamp Industrial induction lamp

On International Exhibition 2014 competitors latest LED light sources have been presented, induction lamps, which operate on the principle of natural light sources, but they work at the expense of high-frequency magnetic field, ie the induction. They are more economical and cheaper, but likely competitors will slow down the development of induction sources in that they are not strongly pushed svetodiodki otherwise enormous factories for the production of diodes would have to reduce its production and market share.

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