Overview LED bulb Ekonomka A60 at 10W

The local online store I came across an LED lamp Ekonomka A60 with the specified output of 10 watts and the price of 6$ rubles funny February 11, 2015. Such bulbs domestic or foreign brand cost from 11$. Naturally I have an interest to find out how the manufacturer overstates specification. Since the price of 6$ small and light, they still somehow be, if not 10 watts, while the 5-6W, that will be a good idea.


First decided to visit the manufacturer’s website, to put it mildly, strange site, marketers and designers apparently tried, but still figured out where to click. Full marking Ekonomka LED 10W A60 E2745. The cost of the site is 8$.

Характеристики лампы

The manufacturer promises a Ekonomka the following parameters:

  • consumption of 10 watts;
  • luminous flux of 850 lm;
  • life of 30,000 hours of work;
  • dimensions 114mm by 60mm;

Parse bulb

LED bulb is assembled plump. Cooling fins are made of plastic, but it’s heavy, it means there is inside the metallic elements.

First, remove the plastic mat flask, to hook at the junction with the body and with some effort we remove it. It is planted for white rubber sealant, rather than the adhesive. But, thanks to the sealant sits very tight.

Колба лампы

Remember, matte bulb reduces the light output by 15-20%. Some manufacturers indicate the brightness without frosted bell, trying to inflate settings. Therefore, in reality, LED lamp power 9-10 watt bulb shines as 6 watts.

Панель со светодиодами

Inside is 11 SMD LEDs, soldered on a plate made of aluminum. The type and the manufacturer can not be established, but the size of a standard 2.8 to 3.5 mm. Perhaps this is what the brand new high-power LEDs, also high-brightness LEDs.

The record is held by 3 screw, the second wrapping they had not survived and immediately began scroll. To re-mounting plate is necessary to put more new bolts.

Металлический цилиндр

Inside the plastic lamp heat sink is inserted a metal cylinder, which is attached to a circular plate with LED SMD elements. And then detected flaw place of contact with the plate cylinder lubricated thermal paste, but it is too small to ensure good contact and good heat dissipation. This will interfere with the draw 10W of heat such a small area and lead to increased heating of LEDs.

Power is supplied via the high-grade driver chip, rather than through a ballast capacitor. Therefore, it does not flicker at a frequency of 100 Hertz, that is, the pulsation ratio is almost zero.

Test in real conditions

To my surprise, it turned out that the lamp is fully consistent with the specs, but that this can not be! After all, the power of 10W and a brightness of 850 lumens may not be worth 6$. The cheapest LED lamp house 3 watts worth 5$. We verify, because at this price should be some shortcomings, and probably quite decent.

Сравниваем курузу на 60 светодиодови Экономку

The test shows that the brightness corresponds to specified in the technical specifications, and is 850 lumens. This is easily determined by comparison with my reference diode lamps 42 and 60 pieces SMD 5630 and SMD 5730. The test is shining as brightly as the large LED corn 60 SMD 5730 .

Yellow little Ekonomka, although the parameters specified temperature of 4500K, but this corn shines white light and not warm.

Let’s count:

  • If the bulb has eaten 15% of the light, the brightness without it is 850 + 150 = 1000 lumens;
  • divide 1000 lm at 11 LEDs, it turns out that one LED provides 90 lumens of brightness;
  • subtract from power 10W 1W driver-power, it turns on the diodes have to 9 W;
  • 9W divide by 11 led LED turns one consumes 0.82 W
  • brightness of 106 lumens per 1 watt;
  • for these small diodes that consume 0.82 watts indicator 106 lumens per watt is very good, because they are heated. Probably set CREE, Osram, Samsung, cheap Chinese do not give such power.

Results of the review

LED lamp hit me low price and good quality. A small drawback with a small amount of thermal paste can be solved simply, easily disassembled. It is likely that the thermal paste was not enough just to my party lights, while others may it enough. Among all the samples that I tested and surveyed, this is the best value for money. In the end, she put 5 points, after all for 6$, you can buy only the cheapest at 3W, but here you get an almost perfect light source at 75-80 W.

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