LED bulbs for home


In this review we will be comparing LED incandescent counterparts at 100 watts.Measurements and photos made counterpart, the foreign electronics lover. They provide high levels of light flux.


Many have noticed the novelty shops and began to ask about the LED lamps made by the new technology. They have the appearance of the «Back to the Future,» in appearance is exactly like normal, but inside instead of coils mounted thin and long light-emitting diodes.


In recent years, many are thinking about switching to the use of LED. Previously, there was one such parameter as power, it is now a full-fledged electronic lighting fixture with a few basic


The local online store I came across an LED lamp Ekonomka A60 with the specified output of 10 watts and the price of 6$ rubles funny February 11, 2015. Such bulbs domestic or foreign brand cost from 11$.


In the summer I was approached by a friend who, after a new repair decided to replace conventional lamps to LED for the home. In the online store are good items at a low price at which it will be possible to carry out the experiment were found.


Recently, growing demand is on dimmers for LED lamps.The reason for this is quite obvious: they greatly enhance the functionalall the LED light sources 110V.


Searching the internet for information on the specifications of LED lamps, did not find the description of all characteristics, all given only basic.

Мнение специалиста о вреде

Technical progress is inexorably coming and I was often treated with the same questions about the harm of LED bulbs, and how truthful reviews about them, read on the Internet.