Sockets of LED lamps for cars

Recently, it became necessary to organize sockets LED lamps for cars, because in appearance, I could not say where this approach among the abundance of light-vehicle devices. Of course I knew that a lot of them, but in reality turned out to be a huge amount, it had to find detailed tables and make a cheat sheet. As indicated in the table and marking according to international standards. The pictures can be seen the number of filaments laid in the flask.

The main types are:

  • H4 and H7 — the most common;
  • H8, H10, H11 — for fog lamps;
  • W5W , the T10, T4W — for size and side direction indicators;
  • P21W — for basic turn signals;
  • W21W, T20, 7440 — for the reversing light.

Automotive LED bulb into socket 7440 is the rarest, but ask about it frequently, it will illustrate a photo for clarity. In fact, a European designation W21W T20, are most often used in the stop signals. Externally similar to W5W, but the width of the plate with pins 16 mm., just an enlarged version.

7440 For connector 7440

Detailed table of the types and kinds

Sockets automotive lamp types and notation. Pictures are increasing.

Цоколи автомобильных ламп головного света

Цоколи автомобильных ламп для задних фонарей

Sockets labeling

There are two types of marking, international and European. Now go to the first designation avtolampochek, otherwise there is quite a lot of confusion with the mark.

Цоколи LED ламп для фар и фонарей

Цоколи автоламп для головного света


There is another system of the sockets automobile lamps, but it is used less often and will be described separately. If you choose, pay attention to the design and components are usually one model is available in different versions. My reviews and the actual characteristics may be used within the destination. For example, if the review tested for HB3 fog lamps, this test is usually the same applies to other light sources for foglights.

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