Powerful H7 LED bulbs for cars on CREE MT-G2

Many wonder about the use of LED lamps not only in everyday life but also in your favorite car. Many have tried to install LEDs in interior and dimensions. But there is no limit to perfection, and now for sale began to appear light-emitting diodes for use in headlamps. Notable European manufacturers, such as Philips, is too expensive to buy them for experiments.Therefore, we test the product of our brothers in mind, the Chinese.

Most of motorists probably already tried LED lamp W5W for parking lights of cars. Many have decided not to stop and continue further experiments. The victim of the experiment will be a model diode Cree MT-G2 for the price of 80$. The information indicated the seller, but the Chinese are set up with the worst performance. A Cree distinguish the original from the copy can only be a direct comparison «by eye» or after laboratory measurements. But in this case, everything was easier.

Features samples

Комплектация ламп H7

It stated the following characteristics:

  • LED chip: CREE MT-G2
  • Operating voltage: 12-24V
  • Current consumption: 3A
  • Power Consumption: 36W
  • Luminous flux: 3200 lm
  • Color temperature of 6500K white light
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Viewing angle: 360 degrees.
  • Period of service: 50,000 hours

In recent years, the Chinese have almost ceased to deceive when circumscribing the characteristics of their products. But now they were more likely to fib, about 20-30%.

According to the manufacturer Cree MT-G2 LEDs is:

  • 2,000 lumens;
  • maximum 3A current at 6V power;
  • Max. Power 19W;
  • LED 8 mm diameter.

According to the specification of the original diameter of 8 mm., And in this case it is 15 mm. That is, these LED lamps for cars is not brand CREE LED and diode manufacturer unknown. Maybe they have similar characteristics, but without the measurement objective is not to say anything. The main thing that they have shown themselves worthy to use and justify the price.

The package includes:

  1. a pair of drivers with wires;
  2. vapor lamps made of aluminum alloy;
  3. two active cooling system with fans.

Construction H7

cooling by built-in fan cooling by built-in fan

At such small sizes without heatsink can not do, 20 Watts equal power soldering iron, which is heated to 250-300 degrees, the more they are in a confined space lights. Radiator screwed separately, which creates an additional barrier to heat removal. Alternatively, the thread is lubricated thermopaste for maximum contact between two elements. Body length is 92 mm., diameter 45mm radiator.

Installing lights

It is seen as sticking out of the lights It is seen as sticking out of the lights

Our lamps are designed to connect and H7 will be tested on the Ford Focus 2. The installation does not cause any problems, but the length does not allow to put a cap sealing the headlamp.If it is not closed, it will get the moisture, dust, dirt and other debris, which eventually lead to the fact that you have to wash them inside out.

If you do decide to buy these bulbs, measure the length allowed in advance that it is not stuck. Brightness LED with higher, not only due to the suites, but also due to the fact that white light with equal characteristics, gives the best coverage.

Compare lighting

First, fix the light output from the headlights with standard halogen on Ford Focus 2.

Light and its borders from the standard Focus H7 Bosch 55 watts. Light and its borders from the standard Focus H7 Bosch 55 watts.

For maximum visibility, establish a test lamp to one and the other leave halogen.

Right mounted diode, left halogen Right mounted diode, left halogen

The light does not meet the standards imposed on car headlights.It is strongly scattered in the upper part, giving a clear boundary. This suffers from the Chinese xenon, which is often younger tyunigovschiki shoved in the domestic auto industry.

In both installed led lamps In both installed led lamps

Summing up

Installation of low-quality light equipments dazzle oncoming drivers, and this directly affects the safety of road driving. Structurally, the car’s headlights are designed for halogen source, and installation of unintended lamps gives the wrong light output.For the price of 100$ they compete with a decent xenon.

The test turned out not as complete as we would like.There was no time and equipment on hand to protestit them thoroughly.

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