Overview of LED lamps for cars low and high beam h4

Leading Chinese technology constantly invent all sorts of lighting equipment for the lights and make it better and better every year.

Sales, LED car headlight low beam and cornering light for cars by the Chinese and European brands. Under the Chinese mean by an unknown manufacturer in China, production of European brands is also in China. Due to the design and technology, one lamp H4 can combine the low and high beam.

But are all so smoothly, as promised by shops, rainbow painting the advantages of modern and affordable models.

Advantages of LED bulbs:

  • Low power consumption, greatly reduces the load on the vehicle electric system;
  • Long service life from 50,000 hours;
  • High reliability under shocks and vibrations due to the absence of the filament;
  • Big light output, from 1800 to 3600 lumens;
  • The color temperature is similar to the xenon color, ie white light, not yellow.


Construction Lo/Hi beam lamps Construction Lo/Hi beam lamps

Lamp structurally consists of an aluminum radiator, the fan from the end, the diode near and far.By design, it resembles halogen bulbs with its arrangement of filaments.

Car Headlight with halogen not particularly designed for LEDs. You will be told that the diode is in the place where the usual spiral of halogen. It does not change anything. Square spiral of halohen bulb much smaller LED area that is actually LED is a point light source. To H4 LED lamp working as it should, it must be with the lens. The best option is of course to buy a new factory LED dipped beam, which are already integrated in the cooling radiators.

Most of the holders of such lamps complains of a bad high beam, because LED is lower than spiral. Moreover, the diode light is not reflected by the headlamp, but only on its lower part.

Main characteristics

Often characteristics are trying to write in such a way that they seemed to be better options. It makes 50% of the online shops. Be carefull.

Consider the example of Starled H4 3600Lm CREE 1512 on.

Starled Cree 1512 Starled Cree 1512
  1. The capacity of 25W each. Power may indicate 50 W, summing up the capacity of the two, and the buyer thinks it is the power of one.
  2. Voltage 12 or 24 volts.
  3. Type CREE LED diode 1512. Mark and the inscription it may specify from well-known brand, although this has nothing to do.
  4. The number of LEDs 2 each. One neighbor, another far.
  5. Luminous flux single lamp 1800 lm. Luminous flux can specify 3600, actually 1800 lumens, too often summed.
  6. The heating temperature of 60-80 degrees.
  7. The power supply has a snag for vehicles that have on-board computer monitors the serviceability of light bulbs.
  8. Protection against moisture and dust — IP65.
  9. Light temperature: 5000K white light. By this parameter is not particularly deceiving
  10. Housing material aluminum or similar alloy. Just not overheat.

Consider the Chinese sample

Example China 1800 Lumens Example China 1800 Lumens

Any online store you will be happy to offer these lamps for cars at a price of 100$ per set consisting of cables, adapters, power supply and lights themselves. They are at a price comparable to the cost of Bole less decent xenon.

Many of my acquaintances and friends interested in these innovations and asked advice. I looked through a lot of lamps from China with cap and H4 of the domestic online stores. In the online store selling the same Chinese, and so it is difficult to determine the ordinary buyer of any component is assembled, branded or not.

The seller says that it is on the company’s LED CREE MT G2, the same as on the packaging. Naturally I checked out, what are these diodes, just picked from the manufacturer specifications. And it’s true, a diode diameter with my 15 mm, from branded CREE 8 mm. It turns out the seller lied to me, the lamp was on the diodes of unknown origin, its brightness is overstated by almost 2 times, and shines it blurry.

Sellers in this regard do not survive, because an ordinary buyer of 99% of this will ever know, and no one to measure the light output will be. All characteristics depend only on the LEDs, in which it is collected, and they can only guarantee branded LED.

If you want to buy a good lamp, then compare actual diameters mounted diode and the one that is specified in the specification.


Approximately 50% bought LED lamps for cars low and high beam does not put them on the car, so do not get the clear boundaries of the luminous flux or high beam turns frankly bad. As a result, they are gathering dust in the closet, especially skilled ones make spotlight or tied for the top jeeps to travel through the forest.

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