How to choose LED bulbs HB3 for DRL

I was approached by a reader of my site with a request to explain how to choose LED lamp socket HB3 in Chinese Internet stores, but specifically in the most popular Aliexpress store.

Many will say that it is better to buy in the Poland Internet stores, but as shown by my practice, most local stores rarely indicates these specifications. I have repeatedly denounced the popular shops on this site. Usually they translate Chinese description, in which the parameters are too high, the same goods, therefore the foreign marketing approach. Not in their best interest to specify these parameters led. If unsuccessful purchase W5W LED lamps to their size then you can throw ruthlessly, the price on HB3 is much higher.

Bulbs HB3

Automobile lamps HB3 on Aliexpress Automobile lamps HB3 on Aliexpress

Search will be LED lights for daytime running lights (DRL, DRL) and the fog lamp socket HB3. Now, LED technology can combine with fog and driving lights.

I recommend using the English version of the Internet Aliexpress store, because the automatic translation makes it very bad that even I can not understand this set of disconnected words. To weed out the bad vendors and products, the delivery of which is not included in the price, click the button «Free shipping» and make sorting by price, by clicking on the «Price». Because of the large competition of sellers, there is the lowest price.

According to the technical regulations force DRL light should be between 400 and 800 candelas. It Kandel, rather than lumens.Luminous intensity in candela depend on the angle of the headlights glow. Take conditionally, that DRL illumination angle is 90 degrees, then translate in candela lumens and get brightness of 700 lumens to 1450 lumens, which roughly corresponds to the dipped-beam headlamps.

For fog lamps power LED automotive lamps is typically low beam and must be a minimum of 1500 lumens. I chose 5 different models for the design and the number of diodes.

Sample №1


Declared Specifications:

  • 15$ per 2 pieces;
  • white light;
  • power consumption 7.5 W;
  • 12 volt power supply.

It uses COB diodes, which can be of various shapes and the real power can only be set measurements.It will shine up to 350 lumens. On the power of 7.5 watts, it will warm up more than normal LEDs, so it does not put before breaking 30-50 thousand hours.If it does not melt or burn, it will last about 5-10 thous. Hours.

How DRL it will not work even with the minimum requirements to overcome the boundaries of regulation. As fog lamp, it certainly will not work, and in fact many of her for this purchase, yielding to the deception of the sellers. Although the characteristics of the seller indicates that you can use for fog lights.

Sample №2

Declared Specifications:

  • the price for a pair of 17$;
  • 12-24 volt power supply, installed a full-fledged driver;
  • power 10 W each;
  • brightness of 840 lumens;
  • the service life of 20,000 hours;
  • 21 LED SMD CREE 3535.

The dimensions are approximately the same as the №1, but is not thought heatsink is made of aluminum and, at the limit of the stand 5 watts. Perfect for the car in the far north. The outer dimensions of the cylinder 40 is 18 mm. Enjoying CREE LEDs 3535 MX, brightness at rated operation is 40-45 lm at a current of 150 milliamperes. At the same time it consumes 0.48 watts. Multiply 0.48 by 21, we get 10 watts, and this power is not ponyatnet.If not installed CREE, while similar in size, then calculate it will not work.In the real world it 840Lm two lamps, one shines up to 420, and diodes are not the Kree and forgery.

This lamp can not buy, if you decide to make the fog lights daytime running lights.The minimum luminous flux, it will not provide.

Sample №3

Declared Specifications:

  • price 23$;
  • 12 volt power supply;
  • It consumes 5.5 W;
  • 1200-1600 lumens brightness;
  • the service life of 60,000 hours;
  • 12 SMD LEDs

The size of the standard, 5.5 Watt consumption is correct. CREE model is not listed, there may not CREE stand, although the price it looks like the original. But the brightness of Chinese exaggerating too much, if you take at least 100-110 lumens per Watt, then just get 550-600 lumens.

Not suitable for the role of daytime running lights and the price for it is too high.

Sample №4

Declared Specifications:

  • for a pair of 21$;
  • 12-24 volt power supply;
  • power of 15W;
  • luminous flux of 800 lm;
  • the service life of 20,000 hours;
  • blende equipped with electronics for cars;
  • 10 LED SMD 5050 on each side, one diode CREE Q5 at the end with the lens.

Avtolampy constructive is more complex and consists of two types of diodes. As at the end of the specification is under the lens CREE XR-E Q5. Something he found parameters is a very old 2007 model, the size of 7 to 9 mm., And its luminous flux of 100 lm. Apparently the Chinese have bought junk on the cheap, so to stick to its well-known brands, because no one will understand.

10 pcs 5050 SMD provide the light output of 150-180 lumens, depending on the manufacturer. The total maximum brightness is 150 + 100 = 250 lm.

Very questionable model will only fit in the size of car. Buy do not recommend, the model is very old and stale goods.

Sample №5

Declared Specifications:

  • price 19$;
  • 12 volt power supply;
  • power 5.6 W;
  • luminous flux of 480 lm;
  • life of 50,000 hours;
  • 96 SMD LEDs 3528

The first thing that catches the eye is that many older LEDs, many will think that here it is, the light of my dreams that she will shine powerfully. 96 led SMD LED 3528 will provide 480 lm, and the power consumption of 5.7 watts. Parameters of the Chinese store have true.

The model is outdated, do not buy it.According to the parameters, it is not suitable for use in DRL DRL.


Of the five described LED lamps for cars, for the necessary parameters only suitable one. As you can see, one of the parameters of the Chinese seller specifies exactly, without exaggeration, at least for something, you can be guided in the selection, instead of doing it at random. If you do not use the fog lamps, the putting svetodiodku, do one daytime running lights.This method will save you heaps of lighting devices on the front of the car.

Using my approach to the selection you save yourself from frustration and make the movement on the road safer.

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