Parameters of LED bulbs for DRL, fog lights, low and high beam

Choosing LED lamps for cars, most do not even know the requirements for their brightness, though it is the most important thing to know. Usually it turns out that when shopping in online stores, you listen to the advice and recommendations of the consultants of the store, in fact, experts advise, and often they offer you to try:

  • light bulb in the daytime running lights (DRL) 400-500 lumens;
  • for low beam 700 lumens;
  • LED fog lights with a luminous flux of 600 lm;
  • each pro will tell you that it shines brightly and is suitable, although it is not so.

As a result, you install them, they do not give the desired result, you remain dissatisfied with the purchase and to throw to the far shelf in the closet.

Table of sockets with power

If you choose to install LED lamp for cars, then look at the labeling of the halogen lamp and find its socket. On the table you will find out what brightness it should give her to be a full replacement for halogen.

The table shows only the sockets for head light.

Socket Power of halogen Brightness Lumens
H1 55w 1550
H3 55w 1450
H4 60w 1650 high
1000 low
H7 55w 1500
H8 35w 800
H9 65w 2100
H11 55w 1350
HB2 60w 1500 high
910 low
HB3 60w 1860
HB4 51w 1095

Luminous flux of LED lamps should be approximately equal to the brightness of halogen, and in the best case exceed it. If this does not work, then do not install or increase their budget for the purchase, because the quality is good and will serve you several times more halogen.

Separately mention about the light output dimensions of the car, it should be from 50 to 100 lm for the front overall LED bulbs W5W the T10. For dimensions with base P21W optimally from 200 to 300 lumens.

Parameters for DRL

Example decent Philips DRL Example decent Philips DRL

Often, hold consultations on such a popular topic as the daytime running lights (DRL), confronted with the fact that people do not fully understand their functional purpose. What is put not to boast and for road safety. To do this, there are technical regulations that have been calculated, tested, written in blood, as well as other rules of the road. Some people think that to buy DRL for 300-500 rubles enough. The power of the navigation lights are usually 4 to 6 watts, and the brightness from 400 to 600 lm, in general junk.

The essence of daytime lights — is to make the car noticeable to humans, especially to children, the vehicle must be visible on the road for the 100 meters, you should not skimp on security.

The upper limit of DRL in brightness above low beam, because lights have a smaller viewing angle, about 45 degrees or less, which is two times better focuses light.

Cheap Chinese running lights

Daytime running lights on COB diodes Daytime running lights on COB diodes

Now on sale a lot of Chinese LED running lights the COB, as yellow lines in the 5-6 Watt coated phosphor. Usually COBLED has a viewing angle of 120 degrees, if the use of DRL at COB diodes without focus, when their emission angle, the above mentioned number should be increased by 30%, and it should be between 1000 and 1800 lumens.

According to the regulations on the daytime running lamps, the light intensity should be between 400 and 800 candelas. If the light emission angle is 90 degrees, then we translate in candela lumens and receive from 800 to 1400 lumens. Assuming that the average brightness of the LEDs 100 lumens per watt, the DRL power should be between 8 to 14 watts. The area of ​​the illuminated surface should be at least 40 cm², with a rectangular simple, but the diameter of the circular must be at least 5 cm.

Conclusion. No matter what option you choose, the most optimal, so that they are clearly visible both dipped your car. The best way of diodes DRL lens with an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Parameters for fog lights

See the table of all sockets for fog lamp sockets used H1, H3, H7, H8, H10, H11. Under these sockets our Chinese brothers in mind offer a variety of models at different diodes:

  • on COB diodes;
  • branded, such as CREE, OSRAM, Epistar;
  • on the old type of SMD diodes 3528, when set to 100 pieces.

Most often, cars are set foglights with a capacity of 45 to 55 watts, which corresponds to the brightness from 1300 to 1500 lumens.

Conclusion. It is your own business that you put in the LED fog lights, because they are an additional lighting equipment. Less than 1000 lm not recommend to put, to sense will not be enough.

The parameters for the low and high beam

Bad  H4 lamp high and low beam with active cooling Bad H4 lamp high and low beam with active cooling

Particular attention is paid low and high beam. Depending on the design of lamps, there are two types:

  • popular combination H4, two filaments, near and far in one;
  • If Optics separately, usually near H7

In this case brightness should not be less than halogen, in the worst case must be equal. Most often, the dipped beam is 1000 lumens, high 1500 lumens. We find that the bulb must have a minimum capacity of 10 and 15, respectively. With this power you must already have an active fan cooling system, otherwise it will overheat, degrade phosphor burn. LED Working temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.

Most Chinese shops indicate power and brightness summing if the lamp shines with 1800 lumens, they indicate in its technical characteristics of 3600 lm. Therefore, many buyers are disappointed that they receive two times less than expected. Do not fall for it.

The result of the installation depends on the design of your headlights. In half of cases it is possible to get a good light output dazzle, but bad for the long-range cap H4. As a result of the case and on the contrary, a good long-range, short-range there. Many complain about the poor lighting in the rain compared to halogen.


Good LED lamps successfully replace the halogen in the car, unload the generator and the electrical system. Save it is not necessary, the more expensive they are, the higher quality and durability, it will pay off. My friend put diode to set in the fridge rather big car for journeys to the south.

The minimum brightness values:

  • fog lights — 1000 lm;
  • daytime running lights — 800 lm;
  • low beam — 1,000 lm;
  • high beam — 1500 lm.
  • marker lights W5W — 50 lm

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