Hybrid LED running lights, turn signal, marker lights

Daytime running lights have become a mandatory option for all vehicles, their presence provided by the manufacturer. But the factory LED DRL are very decent, though composed of a pair of lamps with wires.

But a complete set of my Duster, they were not included, despite the fact that it was almost the maximum. The search for alternative ways to relieve the machine generator led me to a hybrid deployment lamps for cars .

By car the individual running lights are usually placed at the top or bottom of the radiator grille, taking another place on the front of cars.

The light in front of the car devices

Believing that my Duster is at the front:

Lighting equipment Duster Lighting equipment Duster
  1. high beam;
  2. low beam;
  3. parking lights;
  4. repeaters of turns;
  5. fog lights;
  6. Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

That is, the front turns a decent set of different lamps, occupying a lot of space. Leaving only the primary and eliminate the fog and driving lights, the list will be reduced. In our not very favorable road conditions are very likely to break the stone something of a head light cars. I’m a fan of the principle, the simpler the better.

Options to create a hybrid

Decent Chinese bi-color lights, white and yellow color with adapter Decent Chinese bi-color lights, white and yellow color with adapter

Partly size, DRL turns and duplicate each other’s functions.

  • Dimensional fire can be a hot light, if it is shining brighter.
  • DRL will envelope if poslabzhe will shine.
  • turn signals function can perform the running light, only the color you want to change.
  • PTF can be running lights, if you reduce the brightness.

Already there is nothing not possible, try to put fans tuning a hybrid lighting equipment on your car, cluttering the car lights. Some motorists have long been trying to establish in the front dimensions w5w LED lamp high power, but it should not do, because the constructive dimension can not fulfill the DRL function.

To find the above mentioned Chinese two-color lamp post in a search engine query «smd 7443 Switchback». Since this news from China, the price can be very different in each store.

The principle of the creation of hybrids

The first method. Modern techniques allow one LED diode lamp consist of three elements emitting three primary light, so-called RGB:. Red, green, blue. By mixing these colors, you can get all the colors of the rainbow. This technology has long been used in the color design of premises and is already beginning to take root in the car.

The second way. The small size of the ice diodes enable compact place white diodes, yellow light, and include them in turn or simultaneously.

The third way. Adjustable brightness of the fog lights LED, low brightness make of them DRL. Their brightness is much easier to control, because current consumption is less than 10 times, and do not need to have powerful the controller to control them.

Running combined with foglights Running combined with foglights

An example of a hybrid lights, video

Great light, with LED element, which combines the turn signal, marker lights and running lights. When installing instead of regular lights will not have problems and do not change the principle of the inclusion of the car interior, the driver will have to use as a conventional headlamp.


Who lights hybrid rare for sale, and mostly abroad. A new step in technology opens up new possibilities for tuning and improvement of vehicle operation safety. Probably vehicle manufacturer will soon introduce a new product directly to your assembly line.

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