Compare 8 LED lamps for cars W5W, T10

Тестируем 8 комплектов ламп

Many car manufacturers are already moving to the use of LED lamps in vehicle lamps. Firm size bulbs for cars recommended by the manufacturer, are quite expensive. Price due to the fact that the manufacturer is a well-known European brand, for example, Philips, Osram. If such order certified and approved by official dealers in showrooms, the price generally obtained transcendental as auto robust design wind the price on them.

Types of Chinese W5W

Our Chinese brothers in mind produce a variety of overall LED lamp W5W for front lights from cheap to high quality.Well, as always, they often try their products prilyapat some famous brands, such as CREE. Approximately 95% of buyers in LEDs do not understand, so they are susceptible to deception. A disappointment is offset by low price.Increased popular models marked 15S35 and 5S56, but not yet tested.

We compare several types W5W T10. They are based on light-emitting diodes of different generations, from the first to the last, with the COB technology.

  • 1 generation, it is usually with a glass convex lens.
  • 2 generation, square SMD 3528 , 5050, 3020.
  • 3 generation, rectangular SMD 5730 and 5630 .
  • 4 generation, solid, of any form, the COB technology.

During operation, the dimensions of a diode lamps faced such problem. If marker lamp for W5W T10 size installed in the same compartment with halogen beam, it is due to its heat melts the plastic base. And gradually she comes into disrepair.

Construction lights which test samples are installed.

design headlights design headlights

Testing samples

Sample №1


  • Diodes 4 pcs;
  • The color temperature is 5000K;
  • Promise that will shine;
  • Power 0.5 Watts.

Four LEDs of the first generation through integrated lenses shine only forward, not particularly illuminating reflector dimensions.Therefore, such a light visible from the front only.Real consumption maximum 0,5W.These lamps my grandfather in the fifties tyunigoval GAS «Victory».

Conclusion: never buy this junk.


Sample №2


  • Diodes SMD 5050 5 pieces;
  • Color temperature 6000K;
  • Promise 150 Lumen;
  • Power 1W.

The product on the five diodes having the correct structure for parking lamps.Provide the minimum brightness and the minimum durability compared to modern, as are the obsolete type.

Conclusion: you can fly, but for this price is on the new diodes.


Sample №3


  • The diode COB;
  • Color temperature 6000K;
  • Promise 200 Lumen;
  • Power 1.5 Watt/

Overall lamp W5W in one round in the case of the COB of the alloy, which is used for heat dissipation. It makes lens into a small lamp, luminous only forward, and reducing the overall efficiency of dimensions.

Conclusion: The photo shows that the design is bad and is not intended for size cars.

Sample №4


  • Diodes SMD7014, 20 pieces;
  • Color temperature 6000K;
  • Promise 300 Lumen;
  • Power 2.5 Watt/

Built by 20 elements, which failed to find the characteristics, as appeared in the Chinese factories recently, and they are not in retail.It was established that the main difference is the service life of up to 100 thousand hours, probably Chinese. Solid construction shows their effectiveness. Dimension glows brightly in comparison with the other headlight.

Conclusion: You can safely buy, disappointment will not.


Sample №5


  • Diodes SMD 3020, 68 pieces;
  • Colour temperature 6000 — 6500K, white, white slightly blue;
  • Promise to 330 lumens;
  • Power 2.5 Watt.

LED bulb lights w5w front position with an incredible amount LEDs, it is rather a marketing course, an allusion to its superiority over the other with 5-10 LEDs. In the unit area is too led a large number of soldered components, according to their light output is very small, otherwise they will overheat. At such sizes would be enough powerful 7-8.The more elements, the lower the reliability.

Conclusion: can buy if the price is low compared to other, equally strong light flux.


Sample №6


  • SMD LEDs 5630, 5730, 6 pieces;
  • Color temperature 7000K;
  • Promise 250 Lumen;
  • Power 3 Watt.

The ideal lamp in terms of reliability and practicality. Just put a piece of 6 LEDs on the PCB. Exclude the presence of plastic in the design, which melts if the envelope next to the main beam.

Conclusion: The best option, safely buy.


Sample №7


  • Diodes COB;
  • Color temperature 7000K;
  • Promise to 300 lumens;
  • Power 2.5 Watt.

The most modern version, large COB based on the technology itself should shine very well, and that was confirmed by the result of the test.

Conclusion: buy if satisfied with the price, better shine all samples.


Sample №8


  • 5 diodes, at the end of the lens unscrewed;
  • Color temperature 7000K;
  • Promise 350 Lumen;
  • Power 3.5 Watt/

Hybrid LED lamp for cars in size with COB technology. The lens on the end unscrewed.It shows good results in brightness of the light flux.Sophisticated constructive increases the cost and no benefit. They would be best to show off at the Congress tuning lighting devices car, the presence of chromium-plated body does look like expensive branded versions of Philips, Osram.

Conclusion: too interesting option. Using the COB does not make it automatically different bulb. The Chinese produce and low cost options with low brightness, which can be obtained as a result of rejection of the main production stream.

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