LED bulbs for car


I was approached by a reader of my site with a request to explain how to choose LED lamp socket HB3 in Chinese Internet stores, but specifically in the most popular Aliexpress store.


Recently, it became necessary to organize sockets LED lamps for cars, because in appearance, I could not say where this approach among the abundance of light-vehicle devices. Of course I knew that a lot of them, but in reality turned out to be a huge amount,

Тестируем 8 комплектов ламп

Many car manufacturers are already moving to the use of LED lamps in vehicle lamps. Firm size bulbs for cars recommended by the manufacturer, are quite expensive.


Many wonder about the use of LED lamps not only in everyday life but also in your favorite car. Many have tried to install LEDs in interior and dimensions. But there is no limit to perfection, and now for sale began to appear